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Listening to feedback is our #1 priority At Altmetric, we always take an “outside in” approach to product development, which is informed by feedback from users, customers, and other stakeholders at every step of the journey. Our Altmetric Beta Tester Programme helps us embed user research directly into development sprints, allowing us to work with users to test run features that aren’t available to the public yet. (By the way, if you haven’t joined the Altmetric Beta Tester Programme yet, e-mail us to get involved!) Not only do we emphasise the importance of listening to our users as we build new … Read More
Announcing Altmetric for Books at the Digital Science US Publisher Day 2016. What is Altmetric for Books? You may have heard the exciting news on Monday that we have launched our very first book-related product: Altmetric Badges for Books. We made the announcement in a press release and during a presentation on at the Digital Science US Publisher Day event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The service will be going live soon on the Taylor & Francis Routledge Handbooks Online platform. We’ve known for a long time that tracking attention for books and chapters … Read More
On the 19th April Altmetric, in partnership with MedComms Networking, hosted a workshop for representatives from the medcomms and pharmaceutical industry. The day-long event included guest speakers, workshops and some great discussion around the use of altmetrics for tracking engagement for industry-sponsored publications. The day began with an introduction from Ben McLeish, Product Sales Manager at Altmetric, and Peter Llewelyn, Medcomms Networking. As part of the introduction to altmetrics and the day ahead Peter and Ben introduced the Meetoo mobile app that was used during … Read More
Altmetrics were a hot topic at this year’s Electronic Resources & Libraries meeting in Austin, appearing more than expected in talks throughout the conference. It was my first time attending ER&L, and I’m so glad I did! Here are my highlights from last week’s meeting. Understanding and Using Altmetrics for Collection Management: An Interactive Overview Workshop Along with Robin Champieux (OHSU) and a diverse group of librarians, I spent my Sunday afternoon deep-diving into the use of altmetrics, usage statistics, and data visualization tools to enhance collection management. In the workshop, Robin and I covered traditional collection evaluation methods … Read More
How can humanists increase the attention paid to their work, using insights from altmetrics? At the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in November, I debuted a study I’ve been working on with Jeremy McLaughlin (ASIS&T/SJSU) on the characteristics of altmetrics data for humanities scholarship archived on figshare. We shared some research-backed ways to stand out and promote one’s work amidst an ever-growing sea of web-native humanities scholarship. Below, we’ve adapted much of our talk for the purposes of this post. We expect to publish formally on our study in 2016. As regular readers of this blog likely know, altmetrics are the … Read More
In yesterday’s post, I shared a new approach to documenting your “broader impacts” in grant applications using metrics and related data, with the aim of giving you solid impact evidence that will send your application to the top of the stack. Today, let’s talk about some specific types of metrics you can use in your next grant application, including what impacts they communicate and tools that can gather them automatically. Remember, we’re only interested in metrics that relate to the grant program you’re applying for and inform the type(s) of impact you’re arguing you’ve had. A “kitchen sink” approach this … Read More
In May, I shared some interesting results from a small-scale exercise I ran, comparing what was submitted with REF impact case studies with indicators of “real world” impact sourced from Altmetric data. My findings suggested that Altmetric can help find specific mentions of research in public policy documents that would otherwise go unreported in REF impact case studies. Altmetric may also help find overall themes to the research that has the most “real world” impact (i.e. epidemiology, climate change, etc) in a way that citations can’t. The data also raised some questions about differences between articles with high citation counts … Read More
In England, the recent national Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise is using “real world” impact for the first time to determine how much money institutions will be allocated from the Higher Education Funding Council for England. In this post, we examine the REF results and discuss the possibilities for documenting such impacts using altmetrics. At Altmetric, we have a keen interest in understanding the public impacts of research. We’ve been following the UK Research Excellence Framework assessment exercise closely since it was piloted in the late 2000s (just a few years before Altmetric was formally founded). There’s … Read More
We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a brand new design for the Altmetric details pages. The new details pages are now appearing on the Altmetric Explorer, Altmetric for Institutions, and the free Altmetric Bookmarklet. (They’ll also be made available on publicly-accessible publisher details pages soon.) Read on to find out about the new features we’ve added, and learn more about our launch plans.   Listening to user feedback The new design constitutes the most significant change we’ve made to the details pages since Altmetric was founded in 2011. Efforts to revamp the details pages … Read More
Introducing Bookmetrix Celebrating the launch of Bookmetrix after the London Book Fair. From left to right: Milan Wielinga and Martijn Roelandse of Springer. Euan Adie, Jean Liu, Matt MacLeod, and Jakub Pawlowicz of Altmetric. This week, the London Book Fair saw the launch of Bookmetrix, an exciting new book metrics platform that we have built in partnership with Springer. The project was born after Martijn Roelandse (Manager Publishing Innovation at Springer), Euan Adie (Founder of Altmetric), and Milan Wielinga (EVP Strategy and M&A at Springer) began brainstorming ways to showcase the wider impact of books, similar to how … Read More