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I am especially pleased to introduce Altmetric’s December 2015 Ambassador of the Month, Nickoal Eichmann. Before her current gig as the History Research Librarian at Mississippi State University, Nickoal and I worked together at the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, where she did a tremendous amount of (digital) heavy lifting that informed our joint research into the use of persistent identifiers in institutional repositories (and its effect upon altmetrics services). Nickoal has been instrumental in bringing altmetrics into the lives of researchers at Mississippi State, and in providing research support and scholarly communication support services across campus. Via … Read More
This month’s Altmetric Ambassador of the Month is Colleen Willis, a librarian at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in the United States. Colleen is what one might call a “jack of all trades” at the Academies Libraries, providing essential services for many leading international scholars. We sat down (virtually, of course) with Colleen to ask her about how she uses altmetrics in her current role, and what tips she has for others working with government or library services that want to advocate for altmetrics at their institutions. Tell me about your current work at the National … Read More