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Good news for fans of iOS and altmetrics: iPhone and iPad users can now get Altmetric data on their devices using 2 cool (and free!) apps. Since mobile devices have been changing the way that many people choose to read scholarly papers, displaying the live altmetrics alongside the text is an interesting way to quickly give readers a feel for the social impact of an article.   Papership for iPhone and iPad Papership is a iPhone and iPad client for Mendeley that allows users to browse through their reference collections on their mobile devices. Created by the start-up … Read More
Learning more about altmetrics: essential reads This spring has gotten off to a great start with lots of excellent altmetrics-related reading material. First, there was the special section on altmetrics in the April/May Bulletin of the ASIS&T (which we also contributed to). Then, last week, a new community resource was published online by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). Authored by Greg Tananbaum, the new SPARC Primer on Article-Level Metrics is a clear and comprehensive resource for anyone who’s looking to … Read More
Altmetrics: What, Why and Where? Yesterday, 7 essays about altmetrics were published as part of a special section in the new April/May 2013 issue of the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology (PDF version). This special section, entitled “Altmetrics: What, Why and Where?” was guest edited by Heather Piwowar of ImpactStory, and features comprehensive discussions of altmetrics from many unique perspectives. Heather’s introduction set the stage for the issue, providing useful background information about the growing field of altmetrics. The articles in the special section explored various … Read More
The information contained in this blog post is now out of date. Please visit our support site for the latest information about the Altmetric Attention Score.  In parallel with the work we’ve been doing on our text-mining news tracking mechanism, we’ve also been working on enriching the context for our Altmetric scores. On its own, the Altmetric score gives an impression of the quantity of attention that a paper has received. However, the score itself doesn’t necessarily capture the whole picture of attention. For instance, we might want to … Read More
New feature: LinkedIn mentions If you’ve browsed through the Altmetric Explorer lately, you might have noticed a new addition: the LinkedIn tab (see below for a screenshot). We’ve been collecting mentions of scholarly articles on LinkedIn for a while, and now all these data are part of the Altmetric score. Take the LinkedIn tab for a spin on this example article details page. Although counts from Twitter and Facebook still make up the bulk of mentions of papers online, the professional social media network LinkedIn is also being used by academics to discuss articles. So far, … Read More
We get asked a lot about the use of Altmetric data by academic libraries and institutional repositories so I figured it was worth outlining the services we offer and extending an invite to have a chat to anybody else who is curious – we’re always happy to hear your thoughts on altmetrics in general and to give talks or demos. You can reach me directly at (for an overview of the potential uses of alt-metrics by libraries that includes reviews of other tools check out Stacey Konkiel’s awesome Altmetrics: An App Review slides or view the video … Read More
We’ve had a great start to 2013 at Altmetric – here are a few recent developments we’d like to share. Blog curation Since November, we’ve been working on improving our lists of blog sources that are scanned through for mentions of scholarly papers. The scholarly blogosophere (which we represent as in yellow; see the donut on the right) is a fascinating, ever-changing entity, and we’ve been having great fun delving into blogging communities of various different disciplines and capturing mentions from the most interesting, reliable, and well-written blogs. We started by adding over 100 physics and astronomy blogs and about … Read More
As 2012 draws to a close, the time has come to reflect on what has been an exciting first year for Altmetric. Though founded in the middle of 2011, we released our first products – the free bookmarklet, the Altmetric Explorer, and our API – in February. Altmetric started off as a side project and ended up as a start-up bootstrapped by an app competition, some great feedback from our early users, and kind support from Digital Science, who later went on to make a formal investment. In the blog post accompanying the Digital Science press release in June, the mission … Read More
  SciCombinator pulls together a list of the most talked about content from PubMed and allows you to browse or comment on it. It is, in a word, awesome. SciCombinator is a scientific news aggregation and discussion site. We collate, score and rank scientific articles based on their Altmetric score and other metadata to bring you the most talked about articles. Impressively it was built in a single weekend by a group of Nature Publishing Group developers, as part of the Rails Rumble contest (if you like it you should go vote for them there), using the … Read More