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 Coronavirus (or COVID-19 as it is now formally known) first emerged in central China in December 2019. Since then, news of its spread has dominated media headlines around the world. As of 30 March 2020, 723,740 people are estimated to have contracted the virus, and for more than 34,000 people it has proved fatal.  The research world has been quick to react, with reports of teams around the globe in a race to develop vaccines, and scholarly publishers opening up their related content so … Read More
In this blog post, you can find out more about the science stories that hit the headlines in 2019. In the accompanying podcast episode – the last episode of The Altmetric Podcast in 2019 – we zoom in on a couple of the year’s most popular studies. Did you catch much science news in 2019? Maybe you noticed Google claim quantum supremacy. Perhaps you discovered that our galaxy is warped and flared. You might have seen the growing body of evidence that climate change is getting more and more serious. And you probably heard about one of the many … Read More
With a growing demand from funders and universities for researchers to engage with the public, altmetrics are seeing increased interest across academia. Altmetrics are used by researchers worldwide as a complement to citation-based data when attempting to track the influence of their work and the success of their online engagement activities. Trends in altmetrics can be used to understand engagement with disciplinary research, especially in the biological sciences–an area that sees relatively high levels of attention online. By learning from altmetrics data, microbiologists can sharpen their public outreach strategies to increase engagement with the research they … Read More
Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations at Altmetric, breaks down five of the most useful and interesting tidbits about Altmetric data.    Though Altmetric’s name is practically synonymous with altmetrics as a larger field of practice, there are a lot of things the larger community may not know about our data and how we track it! We’ve collected 95.8 million mentions of 12.4 million works to date, across 17 distinct types of data sources. Altmetric tracks research in all its diverse formats: books, articles, data sets, clinical trials, book chapters, news stories, websites, blog posts, reports, white papers, and … Read More
Last week, you may have noticed that we launched an exciting new update for the Altmetric Explorer, including a brand new Highlights Tab and an accompanying redesign of the user interface. With the new Highlights Tab in Altmetric Explorer, we aim to… Bring interesting attention data to the forefront (as soon you log in!) Provide colourful summaries and visualizations that immediately show you useful Altmetric data for the research you care about Provide you with direction for further exploration within the Altmetric Explorer Please watch our launch video below to learn more about the update: The new Highlights … Read More
We are pleased to be publishing a series of blogs authored by scientometrics researcher Stefanie Haustein over the coming weeks. This is the first post of a five-post series. This first post in our mini series analyzes the What of scholarly Twitter data and thus focuses on what kind of content gets tweeted. We will explore if people link to scholarly papers when they tweet about research and will identify which document types, scholarly disciplines and journals receive the most attention on Twitter. Even though it would be highly informative towards our understanding of … Read More
We are pleased to be publishing a series of blogs authored by scientometrics researcher Stefanie Haustein over the coming weeks. In this post, Stefanie introduces her blog series with an overview of the role that Twitter–one of the most-studied altmetrics of all time–plays in scholarly communication. It’s almost been a decade since altmetrics and social media-based metrics were introduced. Since those early days they have been heralded as indicators of the societal impact of research—after all we all like, comment and share things on social media. An early study had seen tweets to … Read More
As you may know, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation will be in force starting on 25 May 2018. At Altmetric, we take the privacy of our users very seriously, and are working hard so we’re fully compliant with the new law when it comes into effect. We’re currently in the process of updating our Privacy Policy with more detailed explanations about personal information that we collect and use through our website, products, and marketing activities. One of the most important areas that we’ll cover in this new policy … Read More
2017 saw an explosive growth in the number of researchers investigating Altmetric’s data, with some pretty cool results! Thanks to the 30+ publications, presentations, and theses/dissertations that researchers have released, we’ve learned (among many other things) that: The percentage of research discussed online doubled between 2011 and 2015; For ornithology research, higher Altmetric Attention Scores are correlated with a 112% increase in citation rate; and In chemistry, publishing Open Access leads to more online attention for female authors Here are some of the many Open Access* research outputs resulting … Read More