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It’s Open Access Week! A week when the scholarly community celebrate all the great things about making research open. Here at Altmetric, we’re big advocates of making research as accessible and open to all as possible. By making research open academics can ensure that their work gets seen and read by as many people inside and outside the academic community as possible. Past Altmetric blog posts have included studies and guides on how by publishing your research Open Access you can garner increased citations and … Read More
Happy New Year! We hope you’ve all had a lovely restful break and are ready for another busy conference season. The end of 2016 was really busy for us with the launch of Explorer for Institutions Version 2 and the release of our Top 100 list. Along with these we also made some exciting new partnerships with PubMed Central and IOP Publishing. We’d love to tell you all our latest news and more about our projects … Read More
This post is contributed by Mike Taylor, and was originally posted on the Digital Science blog.  It’s been a great personal pleasure for me to have worked on the last two sell-out Altmetrics Conferences in London and Amsterdam. Thankfully, in my new role at Digital Science, my relationship with the conference continues! At 2:AM last year, the organizers heard from many people desperate to host this year’s conference, and we’re delighted that 3:AM will be heading to South-East Europe in September. This year, the conference organizers will be making the short flight from London to Romania, where we’ll be … Read More
Last week, I was delighted to take part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the r/AskScience subreddit. It was awesome to speak with so many people from all around the world about research impact metrics, and it got even better when I learned that, for a brief moment, we even made it onto the Reddit homepage! Here’s what we covered. Are metrics at all useful to understand true impact? It was clear from the questions asked that many redditors are as concerned as I am about the abuse and misinterpretation of research metrics. I tried my … Read More
Cross-posted and adapted from the Digital Science blog on 25th April 2016 Join me for a Reddit Ask Me Anything at 6pm GMT/1pm EDT on the 10th May! The Reddit Ask Me Anything forum is a great way to engage and interact with subject experts in a direct and honest Q&A, asking those burning questions you’ve always wanted to get their perspective on! Mark Hahnel, the founder of Figshare, Euan Adie, the founder of Altmetric and John Hammersley, co-founder of Overleaf, have also all participated in this popular discussion forum. Read More
Stefanie Haustein speaks at Force 2016, Portland, OR, USA Let me be the first to say it: we’ve been needing a reality check on altmetrics for some time now. Too many people still confuse altmetrics with social media “buzz” alone. Critics denounce the movement for “trying to replace” traditional metrics. Everyone else seems to be concerned with how well altmetrics do (or do not) correlate with citations. Few are concerning themselves with whether or not altmetrics (as they are currently offered by the major altmetrics services) are meeting the needs of rank-and-file researchers. Academia is overdue for some … Read More