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Digital patient and clinician cultures Have you ever Googled a medical symptom? Posted in an online forum before visiting your general practitioner? Used social media to voice an opinion about a healthcare provider or speak about your personal experiences? For many people, turning to the Internet (especially social media) has become a natural way to seek quick answers and discuss medical matters, and the increasing reliance on “Dr. Google” has altered the way that people engage with clinicians. In addition to changes in Internet usage and communication patterns within patient groups, a large number of clinicians have developed their own … Read More
In the first of this 2-part series we looked at 4 research articles and 1 overview on alt-metrics published during 2012 within the “Altmetrics Collection” of the Public Library of Science (PLOS). In this second part we look at 7 more scholarly records (not only articles) that caught our eye during 2012, and provide a glimpse of some of the discussed articles’ current Altmetric scores.  Tracking Impact “Users, Narcissism and Control —Tracking the Impact of Scholarly Publications in the 21st Century” is a report published by the SURF foundation in … Read More
The body of peer-reviewed literature about alt-metrics on Open Access journals is gradually increasing. Some of the research published during 2012 profiled key issues and recognisable patterns. A prominent Open Access platform for peer-reviewed articles on alt-metrics is the Public Library of Science (PLOS), whose “Altmetrics Collection” collection currently includes eight PLOS ONE articles on alt-metrics.  At the time of writing the collection includes four research articles and one overview published during 2012 and in this Fieldwork post we take a quick look at them. As Priem et al explain in … Read More
In our previous Fieldwork post we posed some initial questions about how humanities and social sciences scholars and journals might benefit from alt-metrics data. In this Fieldwork post we take a quick look at the Library Science journals currently available through the Altmetric Explorer. You can view and download the dataset we discuss on this post on Figshare, here. In  A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader’s Reflections on a Year of Books, Alberto Manguel (2011) wrote that he thought the … Read More