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The field of altmetrics is fast-changing, with new research coming out weekly that gives us new insights as to altmetrics’ many meanings, interpretations, and uses. Plus, altmetrics themselves are ever-changing: new data sources are constantly appearing and often being deprecated across the major altmetrics services. Keeping up with all these changes can be a bit of a bear. We’ve compiled a list of resources (social media streams, conferences, journals, and researchers) that can help! These resources are current as of August 2016. Journals to read High-quality altmetrics research is often published in the following journals: Journal of the Association … Read More
According to a recent survey, 74% of academic librarians in the US have regular collection development responsibilities. Altmetrics are just one of many types of data that they use to make decisions regarding purchasing and deselection. In this post, we’ll discuss the relative merits of each type of metric, paying special attention to altmetrics and their applicability to the selection of journals and books. Traditional approaches to using metrics for collection development The same survey referenced above found that usage statistics are the most often used metric consulted when making collection development decisions, followed by the journal impact … Read More
You’re a scholarly communication librarian. Your job is to support researchers at your institution to successfully navigate the scholarly ecosystem of open access, research data management, digital publishing, research impact and metrics, copyright — and probably lots more. How do you make sure you are offering useful and tangible altmetrics support within your suite of scholarly communication services? This post focuses on examples and ideas for altmetrics services run by scholarly communication teams in academic libraries. We’ll cover the special role for Scholarly Communication Librarians in promoting altmetrics, specifically: embedding altmetrics services … Read More
In my last post, I shared some of the basics for becoming a science outreach superhero: identifying goals and devising an outreach strategy, creating good headshots and bios to introduce you to others, and a handful of approaches to writing for the web that can establish you as an expert in your field and help you find and build community. But if not executed intelligently, the above outreach tactics can become a huge time sink. A supposedly “quick and dirty” approach to outreach can, without the proper tools and hacks, mean more work in the long run. In today’s … Read More
I was recently asked by the great folks at Open Access Academy to speak on the topic of “Building your online reputation”. A recording of the talk is above, and–in the spirit of what I shared that day–I’m also repurposing the content of that talk here, in blog post format. Enjoy! In this post, we’re going to run through some must-know tactics for building your reputation online. We’ll cover issues like self-promotion, fostering community engagement, and dealing with critiques and critics. In a follow-up post (which we’ll publish next week), we’ll also talk about measuring and understanding your … Read More
Altmetric now supports a new scholarly identifier: Uniform Resource Name (URN). A URN is a type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and is used as a unique identifier for online content and resources. URNs are used widely across European institutional repositories including the DiVA Portal, which hosts research outputs produced by 40 universities and research institutions based in Sweden and Norway. By supporting new identifiers such as URNs, Altmetric can track more research outputs across a broader range of disciplines, countries and … Read More
In the last few years, I’ve organized dozens of researcher-oriented workshops on altmetrics. Beyond that, I’ve talked to hundreds of researchers and librarians who have organized their own successful altmetrics outreach events. The common theme from everyone’s experience? Running a workshop is hard. Getting people to come to a workshop is harder. But both are totally doable. In this post, I’m going to share some tricks and resources that can help you plan your own perfect workshop on altmetrics. By following these tips, you’ll get more attendees, save yourself time, and earn increased recognition as an altmetrics expert on your … Read More