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An idea first developed in 2010, altmetrics have now been widely adopted by publishers, and are increasingly used by institutions and funders to track and report on the immediate engagement and potential broader impacts of the research that they support. In terms of understanding where a research output (such as a journal article, book, dataset, or other form of publication) has achieved reach and influence, altmetrics make up one part of a much bigger picture — a picture that also includes other qualitative (expert opinion, for example) and quantitative indicators (more traditional bibliometrics, usage counts, … Read More
Back in September 2016 we announced that we’d added Open Syllabus Project data to the Altmetric Explorer and details pages. The integration means that users can now see where individual book titles have been included in University reading lists from institutions around the world. The Open Syllabus data has helped us discover some amazing facts: would you have imagined, for example, that the most featured book (included in a grand total of 3,879 syllabi from 485 institutions) is ‘ … Read More
How do you choose where to publish your research? Are there a set handful of journals that are seen as ‘the best’ in your discipline? Has your supervisor pointed you to one that they typically refer to? These approaches are good, but they might miss journals that are relatively new or better suited for your work than your supervisor realises. In this post we’ll explore a slightly different approach, which will offer some tips for making a more informed decision to help you ensure you achieve the outcomes you’re after. Image Credit: flickr, University of … Read More
We added a cool new feature to the Explorer last week, though it’s hidden away a little: the ability to export the actual mentions of a set of outputs as CSV (comma separated values, suitable for loading in Excel and other spreadsheet applications). Let’s use it to pull out some insights! You’ve always been able to download and analyze counts and metadata about research outputs, like journal articles, datasets, book chapters and about journals. To get the actual news headlines, blog names and so on, though, you’d previously need to have used our … Read More
In the past, even the very recent past, if you were involved in Research and Development of new medical technologies, be they drugs, implements or other Scientific, Technical, Engineering or Medical (STEM) developments, you were inevitably on a constant hunt for bleeding edge research materials as they were published, or cited in the scientific literature. Seen in terms of discovery and research, both publication and citation were (and are) a form of information filtering, which allow researchers to assign a level of quality and audience engagement around research. If an item is heavily cited, one can assume, using citations as … Read More
Since 2014 the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) has been using Altmetric data to record and showcase the broader impact of its publications. By integrating the Altmetric donut visualisations onto the article pages, ASHA are able to provide their journal website visitors with the complete record online attention for their publications. ASHA were also an early adopter of the Altmetric Explorer for Publishers, which gives their staff access to analytics around the engagement for their journals. They recently integrated … Read More
Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar to share strategies for gathering evidence of impact for research funding applications. Speaking were Fiona Millar, Research Funding Officer at the University of Stirling and University of Sheffield’s Kate Armstrong, Evidencing Impact Project Liaison and Sarah Geere, Impact Consultant. All are experts in impact evaluation as it relates to grant funding. Why it’s important to evidence impact Fiona Miller works at the University of Stirling’s Research and Innovation Services, in the pre-award lifecycle aspect of research funding. Fiona spoke about the importance … Read More
We’ve had a very productive start to the year with the addition of Shibboleth authentication for institutional subscribers, an enhanced version of the Explorer for Publishers being released and the announcement of the 2017 Research Grant winner. As well as this we’ve made a number of new partnerships with organisations including, Clarivate Analytics, MIT Press, OECD, PubFactory, Envision and ResearchFish. We’ll be spreading the word about all our cool new integrations and innovations at plenty of conferences over the next six months so why not come and … Read More
On the 24th May we announced that Dr Evan Goldstein, Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was the winner of this year’s Altmetric Research Grant. Here’s Evan’s take on the project he hopes to complete with his awarded funds… As a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), most of my work is centered around geomorphology (predicting changes on Earth’s surface). Recently I have also focused on how Earth Scientists communicate with each other and the public … Read More
This post is contributed by Sara Rouhi, Director of Business Development in North America for Altmetric. Altmetric just came out of a full week of meetings with non-academic customers in North America. COO, Kathy Christian, and Product Manager, Jean Liu, joined me and Digital Science colleagues to talk best practices, pain points, and ‘ah ha’ moments at two user days on May 22 and May 25. We kicked it off in Washington DC (my hometown!) with a day of user discussions from the Communications Office of the National institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and … Read More