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One of the central aspects of what we do at Altmetric is processing and subsequently storing large quantities of data, whether we are talking about publication meta-data or online attention, in its various formats (news, Facebook or Twitter posts, etc). This allows us to occasionally have a bit of fun in doing  our own research to test assumptions and hypotheses that we or others may hold. (Img: This year, as part of our participation at the 4AM altmetrics conference in Toronto, Canada, Stacy and I decided to engage in a … Read More
“On weekdays we typically process around 400,000 stories … 1% will be about research” We’ve been looking into ways to improve our news collection and analysis algorithms recently and realized that there aren’t a lot of good baseline statistics on how scholarly research is picked up and reported on by the media. We’ve all probably got intuitive answers to questions like “is academic research written about more than football?” or “which outlets have the most original research reporting, and which just publish press releases?” but it’d nice to have some data: so here some is. I’d love to … Read More
It only seems like yesterday that we were in Bucharest for the 3:AM altmetrics conference, so it was a bit of a surprise that September came around so quickly and we found ourselves heading to Toronto for 4:AM, which was co-hosted this year by the Ryerson Social Media Lab. Mike Taylor presenting at the altmetrics17 workshop Our week began with an information-packed day at the altmetrics17 workshop, where we saw loads of great examples of researchers using our data and took part in some thought-provoking discussions – a lot of the conversation highlighted … Read More
We’ve been busy improving our policy tracking system this year to bring you more mentions of research in policy documents with improved text-mining accuracy and across lots more sources. Policy documents have always been an important attention source for us, helping you uncover mentions of research in significant policy sources — mentions that otherwise might go undiscovered. This month we’ve launched a brand new system to find more mentions of research in our growing collection of policy and guidance sources and with greater accuracy. Altmetric have now collected over 1.1 million mentions of research outputs in policy … Read More
Behind the curtain changes aren’t always interesting to people on the outside but as we’re going into conference season I wanted to share details about some exciting changes at Altmetric. Many of you already know Kathy Christian – she joined Altmetric in 2014 as our COO and since then she has been helping to steer Altmetric in the right direction. In the past three years we’ve relaunched the Explorer, worked closely with government and funders and made sure that education, training & support are an important part of what we do. I’m now stepping sideways and Kathy will take … Read More
A big focus of ours at Altmetric has always been how we can help people really dig into the data to get a better understanding of who is engaging most with their research, and why. Since launching the second version of our Explorer platform in 2016, we’ve been working to add features and sources that make the attention data even more accessible. Today, we’re pleased to announce some of our biggest developments in this area to date – exciting new functionalities that makes it possible to use altmetrics in all sorts of new ways: … Read More
Editor’s Note:  Today’s post is from Sara Rouhi. Sara manages business development for Altmetric in the US and Canada. She is an active member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Education Committee and the 2015 recipient of their SSP Emerging Leader Award. We’re cross-posting today with the Scholarly Kitchen blog. This past week, three distinct moments came together for me prompting me to write this blog post: a peer review conference, a debate on the journal impact factor (JIF), and an art exhibit. I’m just coming back the 8th International Peer … Read More
In our latest case study, we report on how the University of Surrey are using Altmetric tools and data to underpin their five-year research strategic plan. We spoke to Dr. Abigail McBirnie, Bibliometrics Advisor at the University, about how the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions is helping them achieve their challenging targets. Abigail and teams across the institution are using the platform and data in a variety of ways, including: Engagement – The bibliometrics service within the Library of the University use the Altmetric Explorer to provide qualitative data that is used alongside quantitative, citation based, data to provide a … Read More
Welcome to the Altmetric High Five for August! On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. Apart from being the start of a devastating hurricane season in the United States, the month of August 2017 was all about human health in media coverage of scientific papers.   Beautiful carbs. Photo by Brisbane Falling, Paper #1. Fats before Carbs Our first High Five paper is “Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE),” published … Read More
Neuroscientist, Professor and TV host, Dr. Heather Berlin is one of the most prolific and well-known science communicators today. As well as presenting Science goes to the movies and Superhuman showdown, Dr. Berlin has appeared in various other shows including Bill Nye: Science Guy, Star Talk Radio Show and given two TEDx Talks. Last week we interviewed Dr. Berlin in the latest #Altmetchat to ask her about how she got into … Read More