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Contest winner announced! How Altmetric has helped Rajiv Nariani from York University

Stacy Konkiel, 7th December 2017

Last month, we launched a contest inviting our users to tell us how Altmetric has advanced their careers, helped them in their jobs, and benefitted their organizations.

We received fantastic entries from around the world, from researchers, librarians, and publishers alike. Ultimately, the contest winner was Rajiv Nariani from York University in Toronto, Canada. Congrats, Rajiv!

With Rajiv’s permission, we’re sharing his winning entry answer to the question, “How has Altmetric helped you?” here:

Altmetrics have helped start conversations about research metrics at York University. These discussions have not been limited to just the Sciences & Health Sciences, but across faculties and departments. Faculty with high Altmetric Attention Scores were informed about it. The societal impact of their work was presented at the Faculty of Health Council.

The altmetrics data has been useful in understanding the growing research areas, and consequently is being used for collection development activities. This data, presented visually, provides an overview of the open access (OA) publications and serves as an impetus for our faculty to make their research OA.

Rajiv is an Altmetric Ambassador and has been a champion for altmetrics and Altmetric at York University, presenting his analysis of Altmetric data to the faculty of four of York’s health-focused schools: the schools of Psychology, Kinesiology & Health Sciences, Nursing, & Health Policy and Management.

Rajiv’s also done an amazing job this year of educating the broader North American scholarly community about altmetrics, presenting at ACRL 2017, the Charleston Conference, and the 4th Annual Altmetrics Conference. Impressive!

A million thanks to Rajiv and all our contest participants for taking the time to share the unexpected ways our products have helped their organizations and careers!

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