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Creating effective institutional outreach strategies using altmetrics

Josh Clark, 21st February 2018

On February 8th we hosted a webinar on how Altmetric data and tools can be used to successfully action and track institutional research communication strategies. Our guest speakers were Oliver Renn and Joachim Schnabl from the Chemistry and Applied Biosciences department of ETH Zurich, who told us about how they’ve been using Altmetric tools and data for their institutional outreach efforts.

“We wanted researchers to easily see who is attracted by their research”

Oliver and Joachim explained how they’ve used theAltmetric API to create a publications list on their departmental homepage of the ETH Zurich website. The list uses both the Scopus and Altmetric APIs to display the Altmetric donut alongside the latest publications. By displaying Altmetric data in this way, users can quickly see the online sources that each output has been mentioned on and click on the donut to see the complete record of Altmetric data for each piece of research.   

ETH Zurich has used the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions to gather data for use in their internal Science Communication Reports. These reports are produced annually and include an analysis of the institution’s research metrics, including altmetrics data alongside traditional citation metrics. As well as reporting on where ETH Zurich is being mentioned, the reports are a valuable tool for informing researchers at ETH Zurich about their access to altmetrics data and Altmetric tool. The Explorer for Institution is also an essential tool used to track the success of the department’s research communication efforts, in particular, the articles that the department publish on their homepage to promote their research papers.

‘”(By using the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions) you can easily filter (to see) the news items, mentions online and policy documents in a couple of clicks”

During the webinar Oliver and Joachim also cover the fantastic internal promotion efforts to let their colleagues and researchers know how to use Altmetric data and tools. These include ‘Coffee lectures’, articles in their internal news magazine ‘Infozine’, open lab days and science fairs.

The webinar, including further details of ETH Zurich’s use of Altmetric tools and data as well as an excellent Q & A session with our audience, is now available to watch here.


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