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Feature Alert: Streamlined Data Exports

Jean Liu, 26th August 2014

We listened to your feedback…

… and we’ve made it easier to export article- and journal-level attention data from the Altmetric Explorer! Any users who frequently insert Altmetric data into custom reports, spreadsheets, and other documents, will now find the exporting capabilities to be more reliable.

The new improvements specifically affect the “Export articles” and “Export journals” buttons, found in the Altmetric Explorer’s Articles and Journals tabs, respectively:

Export - Articles and Journals

The changes also apply to the “Export to Excel” buttons for any saved workspaces (formerly known as Reports) in the “My Workspaces” dashboard:

Export - My Workspaces


What’s new?

First of all, exported data from the Explorer will now be provided as a spreadsheet in .csv format (instead of in .txt format, as was previously the case). This means that you’ll now be able to open the file directly in Microsoft Excel (or your spreadsheet application of choice), without having to use an import wizard first.

Because exported spreadsheets always tend to be rather massive in size, we also decided to switch to delivering the spreadsheets by e-mail in a download link, rather than by a direct download from the Explorer. As a result, you’ll see a message like this when you click on an Export button:

Export articles box

By processing data in this way, we’re able to produce the exports much more quickly and efficiently. As such, when you request a data export, the resulting spreadsheet will now be delivered to the e-mail address that is registered to the Altmetric Explorer account. You don’t need to worry about large attachments showing up in your inbox though; a link to download the spreadsheet (valid for 7 days) will be provided in the e-mail message.

You should get the export in your inbox within minutes of requesting the spreadsheet. However, you should ensure that messages from our e-mail address don’t get sent to your spam folder.


Like this feature? Want others? Get in touch with the team at or suggest some ideas here.

3 Responses to “Feature Alert: Streamlined Data Exports”

Altmetric (@altmetric)
August 26, 2014 at 12:00 am

Feature Alert from @altmetric: Streamlined Data Exports - #altmetrics

August 29, 2014 at 12:00 am

Like this approach to supporting data exports from within a #Rails app (by @altmetric but principle applies to many)

September 17, 2021 at 12:00 am

Great to see these improvements. As a user I always appreciate it when feed back is taken seriously. Have a nice day!

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