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Ex Libris Summon and Altmetric integration drives engagement and discovery

Josh Clark, 18th February 2016

Earlier this month Altmetric and Ex Libris announced an integration between the discovery service Summon and Altmetric data to enhance the user experience of the resource and significantly improve discoverability of academic content. This integration is available to all libraries using Summon allowing them to enable the use of Altmetric badges at the click of a button and at no extra cost. The badges highlight the online mentions and shares of each paper by showing the colourful Altmetric ‘donut’ next to each output in the search results listings, providing an immediate indicator of the amount and type of attention a particular article has received.

The Donutbadge-screen

The Altmetric donut gives users one click access to the collated mentions of a piece of research. The data that populates the donut tracks the online attention by looking for three things:

  • An output – such as a journal article
  • An identifier – for example a Pubmed ID, DOI or Handle
  • Mentions – from a source we track (a news site, blog, policy document etc)

Online engagement can significantly help get your research discovered

Users of Altmetric badges are able to see where (and by whom) their published work has been mentioned across the web in policy documents, Wikipedia as well as mainstream and social media channels. This allows academics to get a broader picture of the impact of their paper rather than looking at quantitative data, such as download and citation counts, on its own. It also means that authors can explore the online attention for other research in their discipline and identify channels that might be useful for increasing the visibility of their own work.


The new Summon integration will allow academics to explore the real-time coverage of each paper and view the online shares, comments and discussion whilst using the cloud-based system. As well as this, users will be able to more easily get involved in the ongoing discussions and provide feedback for research articles by accessing these conversations directly from the Altmetric details page.

Find out more

On the 1st and 3rd March ProQuest will be hosting a webinar with Altmetric to introduce the features of the integration. To register for either of the webinars click here.

Let us know your thoughts on the new integration on Twitter or to find out more about using Altmetric in your Summon discovery system contact us here.

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