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Feature Alert: Print-Friendly Article Details Pages

Jean Liu, 4th August 2014

David Nutt's tweetHow do you usually share your article’s Altmetric data?

We’ve seen many authors (and sometimes their publishers!) get excited about the level of attention their article has received, and then tweet a link to the corresponding details page. The cool thing about tweeting the article details page is that under the tweet, you can actually see a snippet of the details page with the article’s title and Altmetric score. Of course, clicking through to the details page itself gives you the breakdown of attention by source, with the actual mentions listed.


What happens when I print an article details page?

Maybe you want to show people in your department what altmetrics are about, and need some concrete examples with actual data and real conversations. It’s nice to be able to tweet a link to your article’s details page, but if you wanted to share the page with your colleagues during an offline meeting, what you’d really need is something on paper.

Up until now, it hasn’t been straightforward to print out an Altmetric article details page. You could hit “Print” but you’d only get the tab you were currently viewing. If you wanted to print everything from each tab, you’d have to go click and then print each tab individually. The good news is that, thanks to some user feedback, we’ve now fixed up these printing issues to make things much, much easier!

Printable details pageTry out our new print-friendly format using this details page for a Nature Climate Change article. Just hit “Print” in your browser, and you should get all the data contained within those details pages, with each source tab separated by a horizontal line. You’ll even get the score and demographics tabs listed at the end of the document, along with expanded “Score in context” snippets on the left-hand part of the page.

Like this feature? Want others? Get in touch with the team at or suggest some ideas here.

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Altmetric (@altmetric)
August 4, 2014 at 12:00 am

Feature Alert: Print-Friendly Article Details Pages (well suited for your departmental bulletin board...) #altmetrics

chia-re (@chiare81)
August 5, 2014 at 12:00 am

Feature Alert: Print-Friendly Article Details Pages - #altmetrics

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June 12, 2015 at 12:00 am

Feature Alert: Print-Friendly Article Details Pages

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