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Gathering greater insights: build your own Altmetric reports and search mentions from specific sources

Cat Williams, 20th September 2017

A big focus of ours at Altmetric has always been how we can help people really dig into the data to get a better understanding of who is engaging most with their research, and why. Since launching the second version of our Explorer platform in 2016, we’ve been working to add features and sources that make the attention data even more accessible.

Today, we’re pleased to announce some of our biggest developments in this area to date – exciting new functionalities that makes it possible to use altmetrics in all sorts of new ways:

Searching by source or author of the mentions

Identifying who is engaging with your research the most can help you see which news outlets, bloggers policy makers or other key opinion leaders you’re currently reaching, and enables you to track how the attention changes over time.

New functionality in the ‘Results analysis’ area of the Explorer now enables you to do exactly this! Following our earlier release of functionality that enables you to export mentions, you can now search the mentions relating to research outputs in your search results by attention source type (for example, all policy sources) or by the name of a specific outlet (for example, “World Health Organisation” or a Twitter handle like “@altmetric”) within the Explorer itself:

This is really useful if you’ve got a specific audience or outlet you were trying to generate more engagement with. You might, for example, have 5 regional news outlets that you were keen to get your research featured in. The new functionality would enable you to see easily whether or not those outlets had picked up and featured your work, and in what context it was referenced.


The data can be exported too, which is a great place to start if you didn’t have a specific outlet or person in mind. Exporting the Twitter mention information for all of the research outputs from your department, for example, can help you quickly see which people are talking about and sharing your work the most and therefore might be potential advocates for you or even future collaborators! You can also run the same search for peer institutions to see how the people engaging with their work compares.



This could also be particularly useful for publishers looking to recruit new editorial board members, authors or peer reviewers – use the altmetrics to see who is already talking about your journals or books the most, and then reach out to them to see if they’d be willing to review or get involved!


Creating custom, shareable PDF reports

Altmetrics offer a brilliant opportunity to showcase the broader reach and influence of research – whether it is a funder, an editorial board, or another internal or external stakeholder that you’re wanting to demonstrate that to.

The Explorer now offers the option to create your own custom PDF reports that can be shared with non-Explorer users.

Want to email a report of attention for a journal for the last month to your editorial board? Easy!

Want to show your manager how much attention your recent articles have been receiving? Easy!

Want to include some evidence of the engagement your research has generated in your next funding application? Easy!

All you need to do to create a report is run your search, click ‘save search’, and then click on the report builder in the saved search area of the Explorer. You can then drag and drop different sections and filter by date and mention source to show just the attention data you want – whether that a top 10 list of your most popular outputs, a chart of attention over time, or a breakdown of mentions per source:



And you’re done! The report can now easily be printed out, saved as a PDF or shared via a public link.

We hope you enjoy all getting familiar of these new features, and would love to hear what you think – please get in touch at with any comments or feedback.

Want to learn more? Register today for our upcoming webinars to see these new features in action!

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