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Gearing up for GDPR

Jean Liu, 11th May 2018

As you may know, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation will be in force starting on 25 May 2018. At Altmetric, we take the privacy of our users very seriously, and are working hard so we’re fully compliant with the new law when it comes into effect.

We’re currently in the process of updating our Privacy Policy with more detailed explanations about personal information that we collect and use through our website, products, and marketing activities.

One of the most important areas that we’ll cover in this new policy is a detailed breakdown, by product / service, of the different types of personal information collected by Altmetric, which broadly falls into three categories:

  • Information belonging to users of the Altmetric website and products (including Altmetric Explorer, Altmetric Badges, Altmetric API, and Altmetric Bookmarklet)
  • Information belonging to authors of research outputs tracked by Altmetric (e.g.,  journal articles, books, book chapters, datasets, and other content)
  • Information belonging to creators or authors of mentions, for research outputs tracked by Altmetric (e.g., social media, news, policy, blog, and patent mentions)

Our new Privacy Policy will also include details about:

  • How we process personal information
  • Which third-party sub-processors we use
  • How we keep personal information secure
  • How long we will keep personal information belonging to users

The new Privacy Policy will be published on our website before 25th May 2018. This blog post will be updated as soon as the new Privacy Policy is available. Update: our new privacy policy is now available at

If you’re an existing Altmetric customer and need our contract with you updated to meet the new requirements of the GDPR, please contact us at We’ll provide you with a data processing addendum to replace the existing data protection provisions in our standard customer contracts when the GDPR comes into effect.

If you have any general questions, please feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Team Altmetric

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