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How metrics can help champion the success of women in STEM

Stacy Konkiel, 10th October 2017

Digital Science has just released a new report, “Championing the Success of Women in STEM”.

The report highlights the importance of tracking metrics for scholarly endeavors, in order to understand if and where gender discrepancies exist, so that we might work towards fixing them. In short, it underscores the relevance of the adage, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Included are pieces on tracking speaker demographics at STEM conferences, so that we can achieve better gender “parity at the podium”; understanding differences in research funding by gender; positive changes over time in astronomy and computer science; and my own exploration of differences in the attention that research receives online, based on lead author gender (it’s not what you think!).

The report laudably focuses on solutions, rather than just the problems themselves.

To read the report, visit Figshare now!

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