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Introducing a new Dimensions and Altmetric Explorer search integration

Josh Clark, 4th November 2019

Want to save time and conduct better, more in-depth analyses of the research landscape? If you’ve got access to both Dimensions (Plus or Analytics) and the Altmetric Explorer then you’ll be excited to hear about Dimensions’ latest release: a new integration that enables users to instantly import search queries into the Altmetric Explorer, allowing for a more detailed attention analysis.  

Using this search integration, users will be able to run a publications search query in Dimensions as usual, and then quickly and easily view the corresponding in-depth attention data directly in the Altmetric Explorer.

Supporting collaboration, in-depth analysis and so much more!   

Within Dimensions, you can search and filter across more than 100 million documents. Now, with the click of a button, you’ll be able to analyze the online attention for the publications that appear in the results of your query without breaking your workflow.

Leveraging these two powerful tools together makes it possible to gather a more complete understanding of a researcher’s rich profile and the broader reach of all of their research output.  

Using the new functionality, users can:

  • Trace wider impacts (such as public engagement or influence on patents or policy) and identify influential (or even controversial) individuals in a field for recruitment, collaboration, or research purposes.
  • Compare altmetrics data for very specific fields and research institutions around the globe – gathering valuable insights to support detailed benchmarking and mapping of the competitive landscape   
  • Conduct more in-depth analysis into the online attention for funded research by importing search queries for funder group, funder country, and specific classification systems (such as those used by the NIH) from Dimensions

Researchers themselves benefit, too! Wouldn’t you like to use these insights to form impact narratives that can be included to strengthen funding applications, tenure dossiers or other professional profiles?

How it works

In Dimensions Plus and Analytics, you’ll now be able to see a button that reads “See attention in Altmetric Explorer”. 

To use this new functionality, start by running a publications search, ensuring that you only have 25,000 results or fewer. (Please note that if your publications search query has more than 25,000 results the button will be greyed out.) 

Once you have filtered your results down to 25,000 or fewer, you’ll see the “See attention in Altmetric Explorer” button light up! Simply click the button to view your attention results in the Altmetric Explorer, where you can drill down into the individual mentions, see attention data over time, and more. 

What if I don’t have a Dimensions or Altmetric Explorer account yet?

No problem! If your institution has a subscription to both platforms, simply email the teams at Dimensions or Altmetric, quoting your institution’s name, and the support teams will be able to help you get set up.

For more information on this functionality, please read this Knowledgebase article or get in touch with us

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