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Introducing Altmetric Explorer Highlights

Jean Liu, 26th June 2018

Last week, you may have noticed that we launched an exciting new update for the Altmetric Explorer, including a brand new Highlights Tab and an accompanying redesign of the user interface.

With the new Highlights Tab in Altmetric Explorer, we aim to…

  • Bring interesting attention data to the forefront (as soon you log in!)
  • Provide colourful summaries and visualizations that immediately show you useful Altmetric data for the research you care about
  • Provide you with direction for further exploration within the Altmetric Explorer

Please watch our launch video below to learn more about the update:

The new Highlights Tab contains various “data blocks”, which each provide a different insight into the attention data, such as a list of the top 3 mention authors, a breakdown of attention by source, a map of global attention, a chart of the distribution of Altmetric Attention Scores for outputs in the search query, and more.

Each block can provide insight for a variety of use cases. For example, an academic librarian using Explorer for Institutions may find the new ‘Top journals & collections’ data block useful for getting an idea of which journals in a discipline tend to receive the most attention. That same data block (for a different search query) might also be useful for a journal development editor using Explorer for Publishers, who can see use the block to understand which journals in their portfolio get the most attention overall.

At Altmetric, we see the new Highlights Tab as just the beginning of a longer journey, on which we will work towards presenting more compelling and actionable data insights. The next step is to provide views by timeframe, and comparisons of different sets of publications.


What else has changed in the Altmetric Explorer?

Searching and setting default saved searches

The launch of the new Highlights Tab has been accompanied by a significant redesign of our user interface. The Explorer’s search interface has been improved, and now you can launch a “Quick Search” for one-off search queries, or edit complex search queries as before using the Advanced Search functionality.

In order for the Highlights Tab to load relevant data of interest upon login, you now have the option to set an existing Saved Search as your default search. This makes easier to monitor the altmetrics for your publications, without having to perform new searches each time or dig into your list of Saved Searches. To set a default search query, just should go to the Saved Searches panel and tick the box under the column heading “Set default”.

On the Mentions Tab, click on the button “Show Highlights Only” to view only the high-profile news highlights that Altmetric has identified for the search query.

Navigation for the Explorer’s other data tools

We have also made it much easier to access the various analysis tools that are available in the Explorer, such as the Research Outputs, Attention Timeline, Demographics, Mentions, and Journals Tabs.

We’ve now placed all the tabs at the same level as the Highlights Tab, which serves as the new homepage for the Explorer. You can also click on the data blocks within the Highlights Tab to go directly into the relevant analysis tool – for example, clicking a link from the ‘Latest mentions’ block will you to the Mentions Tab.

Finally, we have moved the high-profile news highlights (which once made up an older version of the Highlights Tab) into the Mentions Tab as well, making those mentions exportable and also easily filterable by time and country.


Want to find out more?

Existing subscribers of Explorer for Institutions and Explorer for Publishers can start using the new functionality right away – just log into your account! If you’d like to learn more about the new Highlights Tab and accompanying redesign of the Altmetric Explorer, please join me for a launch webinar on Thursday 28th June at 3pm BST (10am EDT). Register for the webinar here.

What do you think of our recent update? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or you can email your feedback to

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