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Introducing YouTube Support and the New Video Tab

Jean Liu, 9th April 2013

Youtube SupportAltmetric now collects paper mentions from YouTube videos

Up until now, Altmetric has focused on collecting mentions from text and images. Today, we’d like to announce that we’ve begun collecting mentions of papers from YouTube videos. These mentions are now displayed in the new “Videos” tab on article details pages, and are also indicated in green on the Altmetric donut. To see some YouTube mentions, navigate to the Videos tab on this example details page (also see the screenshot below).


Video TabHow does the new YouTube support work?

In order to track mentions of scholarly papers on YouTube, we specifically look for links to papers within the video descriptions, and not within the videos themselves. Since we currently do not analyse audio or video content to extract mentions of articles, YouTube videos must have a link to the scholarly article outside of the video in order to be tracked by Altmetric. 


Why should we track YouTube videos?

First of all, authors deserve to know who is mentioning their work and what is being said. Audiovisual material is increasingly being used for science communication purposes, and sites like YouTube have incredible reach. There is also evidence that viewers enjoy scientific video content: for example, this video from University College London (relating to a recent Nature paper) was posted on the 4th of April and has already been viewed over 5,700 times! In order to provide a more comprehensive snapshot of the attention paid to an article, it’s important for us to be able to showcase mentions from videos alongside those from our current collection of social and mainstream news media sources.

Displaying article mentions from videos is also important because it gives readers an easy way to find videos associated with the paper. Let’s say you heard about an interesting paper on Twitter, read through the abstract, and then retrieved the Altmetric details through the bookmarklet. Now you can read the conversations about the paper, and also watch any related supplementary videos, interviews with the authors, news reports, video blog reports, etc.

Stay tuned for this week’s Interactions post about YouTube highlights we’ve seen while putting together the Videos tab.

Happy YouTubing!

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