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New Features: Enriched Context for Altmetric Scores

Jean Liu, 14th March 2013

Richard the LionheartThe information contained in this blog post is now out of date. Please visit our support site for the latest information about the Altmetric Attention Score. 

In parallel with the work we’ve been doing on our text-mining news tracking mechanism, we’ve also been working on enriching the context for our Altmetric scores. On its own, the Altmetric score gives an impression of the quantity of attention that a paper has received. However, the score itself doesn’t necessarily capture the whole picture of attention. For instance, we might want to know if this amount of attention is “typical” for articles that were published at a similar time. Or, we might wonder if this amount of attention exceeds the levels expected for other articles in the same journal.

We’re happy to announce that contextual information is getting its own brand new tab: the Score tab. The Score tab is viewable for all users (not just Altmetric Explorer subscribers) and is accessible via the free Altmetric bookmarklet by clicking through to the details page.

Results from the Altmetric API have always included contextual information, but we’ve tidied things up and added some extra statistics to the output there.

A tour of the Score tab

To explore the new Score tab, let’s take a look at the attention surrounding a new article published on 28 February in Scientific Reports, entitled “The embalmed heart of Richard the Lionheart (1199 A.D.): a biological and anthropological analysis”.

A screenshot of the article’s Score tab is shown on the left: click on the image to zoom in, or navigate to the actual details page for a live demo. On the Score tab, you can now see information about the Altmetric score (with a link to information about how it’s calculated), as well as the following attention comparisons: with articles in the same journal, with all articles of a similar age, with other articles of a similar age in the same journal, and with all articles tracked by Altmetric. Verbal descriptions, percentiles, and rankings all help you to better understand the article’s performance. The rankings will also show up in exported Excel reports from the Altmetric Explorer.

Currently, the Score tab is available for all recently-published articles only. But don’t worry, we’re in the process of phasing in Score tab for all older articles in our database as well.

Updates to the Twitter tab

In addition to making the context for Altmetric scores clearer, we’ve made some improvements on the Twitter tab of article details pages. Notably, you can now see the number of followers that each tweeter has, which helps you to easily identify influential accounts for tracking user engagement.

Additionally, at the top of the tab, you can now see an expanded statement that conveys a sense of the the article’s Twitter “reach” (or viewership) – specifically, we list the number of combined followers of everyone who has tweeted. (It should be noted that this is an upper bound estimate, since we don’t account for shared followers that different users have.)

Twitter Tab

We hope that the new features will make article level metrics pages clearer. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by Twitter or e-mail.

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