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News Roundup: Week of 10th June 2013

Jean Liu, 11th June 2013

The Altmetric website gets a fresh new look

If you’ve recently paid a visit to our main website,, you might have noticed that it’s undergone a complete makeover. Launched early last week, our brand new site features a new introductory video, as well as a plethora of useful and up-to-date content about Altmetric and the various things that we do.
Altmetric website

To provide specific information to our different audiences, we’ve created special pages for publisherslibrarians and repository managers, and researchers. We’ve also put up an API Gallery to showcase the great work of our clients and our independent users. To have your Altmetric app or project featured in the API Gallery, just drop us a line. Take a look at our new website, and tell us what you think via social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Google+).

New altmetrics-related research paper

[altmetric doi=”10.1371/journal.pone.0064841″ float=”right”]

Previously, we mentioned that there was a pre-print of a new paper called “Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services” by Mike Thelwall et al. which looked at associations between altmetrics (obtained through Altmetric) and citation counts. This paper has now been published in PLOS ONE and has received quite a bit of attention online.


Apps and API

SZNAltmetric, an open source iOS and MacOSX software development kit for the Altmetric API, has recently been updated to version 1.0. SZNAltmetric was developed by Shazino, and is used by the iOS app Papership to display Altmetric scores for saved articles.


Upcoming events

Later this month, you can meet Euan (founder of Altmetric) at:

You can also meet Jean (data curator and blog editor) at:

For librarians and repository managers who are interested in using altmetrics, Jean will be hosting a discussion and focus group on 11 July at the Open Repositories conference. If you’ll be attending the conference, you should register to participate in the focus group here.

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