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News Roundup: Week of 21st January

Jean Liu, 21st January 2013

News RoundupAltmetric data for journals

To commemorate their 100th year, the Journal of Ecology published a Centenary volume with 150 articles. In a great post on the journal’s blog, executive editor David Gibson, managing editor Andrea Baier, and associate editor Scott Chamberlain examined the uptake of these 150 articles via citation and alt-metrics data. Gibson and colleagues gathered citation counts from Web of Science and Altmetric data using the rAltmetric package (from rOpenSci), and put together an excellent analysis of journal article performance according to different metrics. Their take on the findings was as follows:

Of course we want our article citations to be high as they reflect use of our publications by the academic community. But professional journals have a broader mission than that and we want to serve the research community in many ways. It is clear that altmetrics are a new way of helping us understand how we are doing.


Altmetric data for independent projects

Understanding journal article performance is important, not only for publishers, but for individual researchers as well. Altmetric badges are a nice addition to publication pages, and allow readers to get a quick feel for the social media attention surrounding papers by the author. These pages by Christophe Dessimoz and the Department of Bioinformatics – BiGCaT at Maastricht University are 2 wonderful examples of Altmetric badge integration into publication lists. Embedding badges into publication pages is extremely easy, and basic use of Altmetric data through our API is free for commercial, academic, and non-commercial projects. We’d love to hear about more cool projects and mashups with our data, so drop us a line by e-mail or on Twitter if you’re working on something.


Introducing Altmetric on Facebook and Google+

Altmetric on FacebookAltmetric Google +Until now, we’ve mostly been spreading the word about Altmetric to our 1000+ followers on Twitter. We’ve now joined Facebook and Google+, and will be posting blog updates, news, and glimpses of the happenings in our London office. We’d love to hear what you have to say, so please get in touch using whichever social media platform you prefer. (Do connect with us on LinkedIn as well!)

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