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News Roundup: Week of 22nd April 2013

Jean Liu, 23rd April 2013

News RoundupLearning more about altmetrics: essential reads

This spring has gotten off to a great start with lots of excellent altmetrics-related reading material. First, there was the special section on altmetrics in the April/May Bulletin of the ASIS&T (which we also contributed to). Then, last week, a new community resource was published online by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). Authored by Greg Tananbaum, the new SPARC Primer on Article-Level Metrics is a clear and comprehensive resource for anyone who’s looking to get started with article level metrics. Altmetric apps and implementations were mentioned a few times in the “Article-Level Metrics in Action” section, too – the primer discusses our Scopus app, the use of our API on article level metrics pages, along with our badges on BioMed Central.

In altmetrics research news, a new pre-print entitled “Do altmetrics work? Twitter and ten other social web services” has now been published online on Mike Thelwall’s personal website. The article (submitted to PLOS ONE, now in press) describes an analysis of Altmetric data (consisting of 11 different metrics) alongside Web of Science citation counts. Although statistically significant correlations were found between higher altmetrics and higher citation counts for articles with positive Altmetric scores, the authors couldn’t comment on the strength of the correlations. More studies are necessary to validate existing attention metrics (such as the Altmetric score and other metrics that are collected), so if you’re thinking of running a study that looks at altmetrics data, be sure to get in touch.


New integrations: Badges on ESO Telescope Bibliography and Neuroscience Information Framework

Altmetric badges have now been integrated in the online Telescope Bibliography database of papers published by users of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Maintained by the ESO library, the Telescope Bibliography now showcases citation counts for each listed article, as well as Altmetric data. For an example of the new integration, be sure to check out this page. Altmetric donuts have also been integrated into a demo page for search results of the Neuroscience Information Framework. Check the demo out here.


Altmetric on the road: STM Spring Conference 2013 and more

If you’re attending this year STM Spring Conference in Washington, DC, USA (from 30th April to 2nd May), be sure to come and say hello to Altmetric’s founder, Euan.

Over the next few months, we’ll also be at several other events in Europe, USA, and Canada. If we happen to be in a city near you, we’d love to meet you and hear your feedback about Altmetric. We’ll be making appearances at the following great events, so drop us a line if you’d like to meet up at any of them:

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[...] we mentioned that there was a pre-print of a new paper called “Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services” [...]

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