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News Roundup: Week of 27th May 2013

Jean Liu, 28th May 2013

News RoundupNew altmetrics reading material

Mike Taylor has written an article in Research Trends entitled “The Challenges of Measuring Social Impact Using Altmetrics”, which is a comprehensive overview of altmetrics today. Also, David Gibson, the executive editor of the Journal of Ecology, has written a short post about article level metrics and how to access them through Readcube, which uses Altmetric data. Previously, David Gibson and his colleagues had written this great blog post about the uptake of Journal of Ecology papers using Altmetric data obtained using rAltmetric.


New badge and donut embeds

Making altmetrics data available on publications lists, reading lists, and blog posts adds an extra dimension for readers. Embedding badges into webpages is simple and free, and can either be done with a few lines of HTML code or using the Altmetric WordPress plugin. Cool examples of Altmetric embeds keep cropping up everywhere: check out 2 recent examples at AJE Expert Edge‘s “What We’re Reading” page (Altmetric donuts) and Robert Lanfear’s publications page (Altmetric badges).


Apps and API

If you like to code in Ruby, and want to use the Altmetric API for your own projects, you should take a look at this Ruby client for Altmetric, written by Leigh Dodds. (Previously, other developers have created Python, R, and Objective C clients for the Altmetric API.)



Next week, Euan will be attending the SSP Annual Meeting in San Francisco (5th-7th June), so if you’re planning on being there, do say hello! You can also catch up with him later in June, as he’ll be at the OAI8 Workshop in Geneva (19th-21st June) and AAUP 2013 in Boston (20th-21st June).

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