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The following guest post was written by Heidi Becker, Digital Solutions Specialist for Altmetric and Dimensions at Digital Science. One day in a staff meeting, I listened to a fascinating presentation on a research project the foundation I was working for had funded. After the presentation was over, it was time for questions. One of the very first questions, from the back of the room, was “This is great – has anyone picked it up? Is anyone talking about it?” I practically leapt from my seat. You see, three years prior to this question being asked, it … Read More
Welcome to the February High Five! We’re departing from our regular format of analyzing of the top five most mentioned papers from the past month. From now on, each month we’ll examine the papers that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! This month we’ll be focusing on the papers published in February that we’ve tracked the most attention for in global news outlets. #1: The earliest art scene was created by Neanderthals Image credit: … Read More
On February 8th we hosted a webinar on how Altmetric data and tools can be used to successfully action and track institutional research communication strategies. Our guest speakers were Oliver Renn and Joachim Schnabl from the Chemistry and Applied Biosciences department of ETH Zurich, who told us about how they’ve been using Altmetric tools and data for their institutional outreach efforts. “We wanted researchers to easily see who is attracted by their research” Oliver and Joachim explained how they’ve used theAltmetric API … Read More
The following guest post was written by Sam Illingworth, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University. Communicating your science with different audiences is a vital part of academic research. As well as being a requirement for most doctoral training programmes and grant applications, it is also an altruistic responsibility of scientists to ensure that the wider society is aware of the research that is being conducted and how it might impact on them and their communities. However, science communication is a vast landscape and knowing where to start and how to be effective can be quite daunting. As such, I … Read More
Last week, the entire Digital Science family was thrilled to finally announce the Dimensions platform to the world. We at Altmetric were especially excited, as we played a major role by developing a related product: the Dimensions badges. Dimensions badges are interactive visualizations that showcase the citation data for individual publications. Each publication that is indexed in the Dimensions database gets its own badge. Although the first thing you see on every Dimensions badge is the citation count, clicking through to the accompanying details page reveals even more useful information, from new citation performance metrics such … Read More
We’re looking forward to seeing you at upcoming conferences, meetings and events this year! We’ll be giving presentations, workshops and manning booths across the globe and we’d love to meet you and give you an update on the latest product developments, partnerships and integrations we’ve been working on, including IOP Publishing, the Association of University Presses, Amazon and many more! Here’s where we’ll be: ISMPP European meeting, 23rd – 24th January, London, UK Ben … Read More
Happy New Year and welcome to the Altmetric High Five for December 2017, where we look back on the hottest papers of the month! On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. This month’s High Five papers could all be turned into New Year’s resolutions: Don’t get baited by cyber-trolls, watch your weight, forget the calcium pills, eat your vegetables, and be kinder to yourself when you come down with the flu (especially if you are a man!)   Credit: John Bauer … Read More
2017 has gone in the blink of an eye, and as we approach the new year we thought we’d take a moment to look back over the top Altmetric discoveries, tips and developments from the last 12 months – read on to be ready to tackle 2018 head on! Here are just some of the highlights:   1. Making sense of the mentions means a lot We released some big new product updates this year, including the Export Mentions feature in the Explorer, which gave people the ability to get a whole new level of … Read More
2017 saw an explosive growth in the number of researchers investigating Altmetric’s data, with some pretty cool results! Thanks to the 30+ publications, presentations, and theses/dissertations that researchers have released, we’ve learned (among many other things) that: The percentage of research discussed online doubled between 2011 and 2015; For ornithology research, higher Altmetric Attention Scores are correlated with a 112% increase in citation rate; and In chemistry, publishing Open Access leads to more online attention for female authors Here are some of the many Open Access* research outputs resulting … Read More
Once again we find ourselves just a few weeks away from the holidays and diving in to the most popular articles from the year in the annual Altmetric Top 100! The list showcases research that has really caught the attention of a broader audience in the last 12 months, and this year reveals some very topical conversations. Much of the most discussed research speaks to the broader social zeitgeist: tackling gender stereotypes, the stigmas around mental illness, robots taking our jobs and the effects of climate change are all covered. The top 3 papers of 2017 are: … Read More