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Ahead of this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair we summarise recently published strategic publisher insights gathered by analyzing altmetrics data. Visit the Digital Science booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair in hall 4.2 location L97. With the ever-growing prominence of research metrics, it can be challenging to understand the meaning behind a certain score, trend or spike. In this post, I’ll highlight some recently published studies, blogs and other content detailing where altmetrics data has been utilized to gather insights for practical applications across marketing, editorial, and sales departments within publishers. What altmetrics can tell us … Read More
This article by Lily Troia, Engagement Manager at Altmetric, summarises the collaborative research project that she did with, Scholarly Communications Librarian at Virginia Tech, Inga Haugen on creating altmetrics user personas.  “Scholarship is not an ‘it’.” This deceivingly simple statement from a 2000 article on extension education carries substantial implications for how we approach scholarly communication and impact evaluation. Scholarship, the authors suggest, is an iterative process, where outputs and other scholarly activities are components of a larger system, not end-points of a one-way exchange of information. Extension education in the … Read More
In this post Altmetric Implementation Manager, Charlotte Perry-Houts, and Senior Publisher Solutions Specialist, Tyler Ruse, examine the importance of publishers providing good metadata and describe the data Altmetric needs to provide accurate tracking. Among the many services that publishers provide authors throughout the publication process, one has become increasingly valuable in recent years. It is not specifically the digital age or the internet that has driven the increase in importance, but it is certainly a key factor. We’re talking about metadata. From humble beginnings rooted in the definition of the word (“data describing data”), early uses … Read More
Welcome to the August High Five! On a monthly basis, the High Five post highlights the articles that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! This month we’ll be focusing on the pieces published in July that have been mentioned in posts on public Facebook pages. #1 The world is your oyster! Credit: Adapted from Getty Our first article this month is actually a careers piece, ‘Why it is not a ‘failure’ to leave academia … Read More
In this post, Amy Rees, Product and Client Support Specialist, and Cat Williams, Chief Operations Officer,  introduce the new attention source tracked by Altmetric. The post covers how Altmetric track patents, how to access the data and the new insights it uncovers. In April of this year you may have noticed a new colour in the Altmetric donut! The new orange segment represents our newest, and possibly most highly requested source: patent data.   Adding patent data to our database has provided an entirely different lens through which to explore the potential impacts of research, … Read More
In this guest blog post Karen Rowlett, Research Publications Advisor at the University of Reading, explains her role in promoting the Altmetric Explorer and Badges at her institution. This post also covers how their Altmetric tools and data are used to keep track of mentions of the University’s publications and uncover strategic insights. The University of Reading has had a subscription to Altmetic Explorer for over two years and we are now finding ways to embed the data in our everyday activities surrounding research and research impact. In my role as Research Publications Adviser at the University … Read More
Welcome to the July High Five! On a monthly basis, the High Five post highlights the papers that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! This month we’ll be focusing on the papers published in July that have been tweeted about the most. #1 Is there life on Mars? Image credit: NASA Our first paper is “There’s water on Mars! Signs of buried lake tantalize scientists” published in Nature. The paper looks at the possibility of … Read More
The following guest blog post was written by Sara Rouhi, Director of ​Engagement & Advocacy at Altmetric & Dimensions. Whether you’re a researcher submitting a grant application, a tenure and promotion committee reviewing a dossier, or a communications officer looking to engage with the perfect online influencer to share your institution’s research, you’re ultimately looking for actionable insights. You want to find that needle in the haystack that qualitatively demonstrates that the work has impacted a particular audience. And you’ll want to know how you can use that needle to weave reports and narratives … Read More
CC-BY WOCinTech Chat / flickr Scientometrics researchers are well aware of how difficult and expensive it can be to access data for a bibliometrics study. That’s why Altmetric has created a free, easy way to find altmetrics data for research purposes: the Altmetric Researcher Data Access Program. In this post, I’ll introduce the Altmetric Researcher Data Access Program, explaining the criteria for accessing our data, how to access our data in a format that suits your needs, and how to apply to the Researcher Data Access program. About the Altmetric Researcher Data … Read More
This is the final post in a series of blog posts on the role Twitter plays in scholarly communication. This post is by, scientometrics researchers, Stefanie Haustein, Rémi Toupin and Juan Pablo Alperin. During the last weeks we have analyzed what types of scholarly documents get shared on Twitter, where those tweets come from, how they get shared and when Twitter activity occurs. Concluding our mini series on scholarly Twitter metrics, today’s … Read More