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I’m proud to share a new altmetrics educational website: What Are Altmetrics? The best part? You can reuse, remix, or otherwise repurpose the entire site to build your own altmetrics presentations, Libguides, and more. We’ve made it available under a CC-BY license, so it’s super easy for you to adapt! Speaking of CC-BY, the What Are Altmetrics? guide to “all things altmetrics” builds upon the popular altmetrics Libguides I developed while at Impactstory, updating the existing resources and adding a whole lot more. What Are Altmetrics? includes: An updated list of examples of how researchers, librarians, publishers, … Read More
According to a recent survey, 74% of academic librarians in the US have regular collection development responsibilities. Altmetrics are just one of many types of data that they use to make decisions regarding purchasing and deselection. In this post, we’ll discuss the relative merits of each type of metric, paying special attention to altmetrics and their applicability to the selection of journals and books. Traditional approaches to using metrics for collection development The same survey referenced above found that usage statistics are the most often used metric consulted when making collection development decisions, followed by the journal impact … Read More
You’re a scholarly communication librarian. Your job is to support researchers at your institution to successfully navigate the scholarly ecosystem of open access, research data management, digital publishing, research impact and metrics, copyright — and probably lots more. How do you make sure you are offering useful and tangible altmetrics support within your suite of scholarly communication services? This post focuses on examples and ideas for altmetrics services run by scholarly communication teams in academic libraries. We’ll cover the special role for Scholarly Communication Librarians in promoting altmetrics, specifically: embedding altmetrics services … Read More
Welcome to the Altmetric High Five! On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. This month’s theme is Health all the way, from keys to human health found in noses and ancient bones, to bad news about bulldog health. Credit: Matt Madd, Paper #1. Is sitting all day bad for your health if you exercise after work? Our first High Five paper is “Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality?” The study … Read More
August’s Ambassador of the Month is Dr. Achala Munigal! Achala is an assistant professor of LIS and assistant librarian working within a research unit at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. She’s been a tireless advocate for altmetrics on her campus, organizing researcher workshops, promoting altmetrics on social media, and recruiting altmetrics-related content for an upcoming book she’s editing, Handbook of Research on Scholarly Communication and the Publish or Perish Pressures of Academia. We recently emailed with Achala to learn more about her work and to find out her advice for librarians interested in promoting altmetrics–read on! Tell me about … Read More
The sun is just about shining (finally, summer!) over our office in London, but we’ve barely got any time to enjoy it before we’ll be hitting the conference scene again! We’ve had loads of exciting developments recently, including the addition of Scopus citations to our Explorer platforms, an integration with Dimensions, and all the work we’ve been doing around Altmetric for books. There’s still a lot in progress and we’re looking forward to making some big announcements in the near future. We’ll be at the following conferences in the next few months so please do stop by … Read More
On Thursday last week we hosted our second #Altmetchat, this time with Atila Iamarino. Atila is a science communicator at Nerdologia, Brazil’s largest science YouTube channel with almost 1.5 million subscribers, where they explain pop culture using science. We asked Atila a a series of questions focusing of his use of altmetrics when tracking the attention his work has received, what he finds are the most effective tools for promoting research online, his work with Brazilian online scientific library SciELO and what he thinks the future of altmetrics is. We also had some great questions from our Twitter … Read More
Following our announcement earlier this year that Altmetric is now tracking attention for thousands of scholarly books we’ve been exploring in a lot more depth how books are shared and discussed online. Although we’re already tracking ‘mentions’ to both the publisher and Google Books version of titles from news outlets, social networks, Wikipedia and many other online forums, our focus has now shifted to adding new sources of attention that align more specifically to the online activity surrounding books. As a first step … Read More
In my last post, I shared some of the basics for becoming a science outreach superhero: identifying goals and devising an outreach strategy, creating good headshots and bios to introduce you to others, and a handful of approaches to writing for the web that can establish you as an expert in your field and help you find and build community. But if not executed intelligently, the above outreach tactics can become a huge time sink. A supposedly “quick and dirty” approach to outreach can, without the proper tools and hacks, mean more work in the long run. In today’s … Read More
This month’s Ambassador of the month is Kornelia Junge, Senior Research Manager at Wiley. Kornelia has been an Altmetric Ambassador since the start of the Ambassadors program and has been promoting and giving presentations at events such as the recent IAVE meeting in Baden-Beaden, introducing researchers to altmetrics and advising colleagues on how Altmetric data can be applied to their role. Kornelia’s passion for promoting altmetrics have earned her the position of gold level Altmetric Ambassador this month. Read on to find our more about how she uses altmetrics at Wiley and why she thinks they can have practical benefits … Read More