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The following was posted by Sally Gore on 3rd March 2016 on her blog ‘A Librarian by any other name’. I few weeks back, I was invited by the good folks at Altmetric to take part in a webinar to discuss my use of alternative metrics in my work as an evaluator for the UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science. The webinar is available online, but for those who might want to see my slides and read the transcript from my part, here’s a summary: I thought that I’d start with … Read More
I was recently asked by the great folks at Open Access Academy to speak on the topic of “Building your online reputation”. A recording of the talk is above, and–in the spirit of what I shared that day–I’m also repurposing the content of that talk here, in blog post format. Enjoy! In this post, we’re going to run through some must-know tactics for building your reputation online. We’ll cover issues like self-promotion, fostering community engagement, and dealing with critiques and critics. In a follow-up post (which we’ll publish next week), we’ll also talk about measuring and understanding your … Read More
Welcome to the Altmetric High Five for June! On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. Our theme this month is, well, humans.   Image: World map of artificial sky brightness. Falchi et al. 2016. Paper #1. Lighting up the Dark Our first High Five paper is “The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness,” an open access research article published in Science Advances in June 2016. As described in the paper, an international group of researchers developed a … Read More
The following post is authored by Dr. Lauren Cadwallader, Open Access Research Advisor in the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University Library and recipient of the first annual Altmetric Research Grant. Following, she explains what she plans to study in the coming months, thanks to the funding she’s received. Being from a UK institution, the words “REF” and “impact” are often heard at work so these seemed like a natural starting point for thinking about a possible research project for the Altmetric grant. is a great tool for finding out who has been saying what about your … Read More
You’re probably already familiar with the Altmetric score (that handy number seen inside an Altmetric “donut”). The score is a weighted count of all of the mentions Altmetric has tracked for an individual research output, and is designed as an indicator of the amount and reach of the attention an item has received. We have now decided to formally name this indicator the Altmetric Attention Score. The new name will make it easier for newcomers to altmetrics to understand what our score indicates (the volume and likely reach of research’s attention, not quality or impact), at a glance. We’re also aiming to … Read More
Profeza, the online social journal, recently added Altmetric badges to their article pages. We spoke to the team behind it to find out more about what this new social platform is aiming to do:  “There is a pressing need to improvise the means by which the output of scientific research is evaluated by funding agencies and academic institutions. The level of individual effort and contribution to the research process is not reflected by title-level publication metrics, and this has led to endless debates in the scientific community over the authenticity … Read More
We’ve been working on our policy & grey literature datasets recently, adding an extra dozen or so new sources that we’re now mining for mentions of published research. Typically this is a three step process: we first need to identify potential sources of policy, guidelines and other relevant grey literature (this is one of the things we ask customers during on-boarding and renewal), then to figure out how / where to get the actual documents to mine, and finally to do the actual development work to process them on a regular basis. As with our mainstream media sources we’re aiming … Read More
This is a guest post from Scott W. H. Young. Scott is Digital Initiatives Librarian and Assistant Professor at Montana State University. His research interests include user experience of the web and social media and online communities.  Summary Altmetrics are like the line numbers of a verse play, where numerical values mark and locate dialogue. In a similar way, altmetrics index and enumerate scholarly dialogue that occurs across the web on blogs, social media posts, news reports, policy papers, and Wikipedia articles. And as with a play—where the full story is shaped through the entirety … Read More
Do you want to make sure your research is as visible as possible, is read by the right people, and measure the effects of sharing your publications more widely? By using researcher service Kudos and Altmetric it is possible (and easy!) for you to do exactly that. Together, the two tools provide a step by step process for disseminating your work and tracking the outcomes.     Telling the story of your research Once your article has been published, you can find it in Kudos and add a plain language … Read More
A few weeks ago Altmetric’s Head of Implementation Natalia Madjarevic and I sat down with Ashley Casey, Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy at Loughborough University, to talk about his experience using Altmetric data; how it helps him in disseminating and tracking his work and why it’s a necessity when having work published in an online journal. On his role and research Ashley is based in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University having previously been a PE teacher at a secondary school in … Read More