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Profeza and Altmetric: a social approach

Cat Williams, 28th June 2016

Profeza, the online social journal, recently added Altmetric badges to their article pages. We spoke to the team behind it to find out more about what this new social platform is aiming to do: 

“There is a pressing need to improvise the means by which the output of scientific research is evaluated by funding agencies and academic institutions.

The level of individual effort and contribution to the research process is not reflected by title-level publication metrics, and this has led to endless debates in the scientific community over the authenticity of using the existing matrices in assessing the quality of an article (indeed sometimes even for assessing the academic competence of the researcher in a particular field).

The heart of the problem surfaced when impact factors began to become the identity of papers and researchers, a development that was never anticipated when such indicators were first introduced. Scientists instead must be evaluated not on the metrics of the journal they publish in but on the values of their own work and its contribution to global research. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.03.11

Profeza is a social journal that is built on the framework of a scientific publication. It enables researchers to share raw data, repeat data and even failed experimental data associated with their article. By doing so they are given the opportunity not only showcase all aspects of their work and scientific aptitude, but also to help fellow researchers in accessing this information to reuse and build on their findings.

This new platform aims to help researchers to shift the focus away from the annals they are publishing in and instead to the value of their own individual contribution in it. Doing so means peers, recruiters and even funding agencies can now gather a more complete picture of a researcher’s contributions, enabling them to take better decisions in accessing candidates. 

Altmetric Badge

In adding the Altmetric badges we are showcasing the additional context surrounding these individual items – how they have been received and shared amongst academics as well as by the wider online community – helping us to get a better understanding of the value and demand to publish such content.  

At the core of any researcher’s output should be the drive to be transparent, to advance their discipline and to add value to human knowledge. We believe that by introducing Profeza we can encourage more of the global research community to take up this approach.” 

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