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Josh Clark, 20th August 2020

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the topics you publish in can be challenging. In our recent webinars for publishers, we have focused on how you can use altmetrics data to stay ahead of the curve and boost your commissioning and promotional strategies as well as refresh your organizational identity.

In this collection of free on-demand webinars, you will receive actionable insights that your editorial and marketing teams can apply directly to day-to-day tasks as well as long term planning.


Informing commissioning and data-driven decisions

In this webinar, Digital Science’s, Tyler Ruse, Director of Publisher Solutions and Mike Talyor, Head of Metrics development are joined by Rebecca Welzenbach, Research Impact Librarian at the University of Michigan, to explore current use cases for gaining a complete picture of the reach and influence of a book, discovering the latest trends in particular topics and how to find new and upcoming authors using altmetrics data. 

As well as providing an introduction to the practical uses of Altmetric tools and data, Rebecca provides an in-depth look into how MIT press is using the Altmetric Explorer for Publishers to inform their editorial strategies.


Boost your communications with altmetrics 

With marketing roles becoming ever more diverse, teams are often left with little time to strategize. In this webinar, we demonstrate how marketing teams can use the Altmetric Explorer for Publishers to simplify the process of uncovering the latest trends in specific topics. Along with this, we show you how your teams can use the Explorer to streamline tasks such as finding the optimal time to promote specific titles, and quickly understand what is being said about your titles within scholarly and non-scholarly online channels. 


Promoting your books: the role of authors

Authors play an essential role in the promotion of a publication by providing a voice of authenticity that’s difficult to replicate with traditional promotional tactics. In this webinar, Mike Taylor, examines the results of a pilot project that analyzed the impact that author endorsements can have on the attention a publication receives and hear from, Kudos Co-founder, Charlie Rapple about their experience working with authors to promote their work.


The evolving values of a University Press: how new insights can shape organizational identity

Ensuring that your organization’s core values are expressed in the work you do and the support you provide to institutions and scholars can be challenging. This webinar features guest speakers Charles Watkins, Director of the University of Michigan Press and Jocelyn Cordova, Director of Publicity and Trade Marketing, and Niko Pfund, President and Publisher, from Oxford University Press, sharing actionable examples of how they use research metrics to help align their external activities with their values and mission statements.


Effective social media strategies for publishers

Want practical tips for using altmetrics to plan effective social media strategies that meet your targets? In this solution-focused webinar, we hear from industry experts Phaedra Cress, Executive Editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Steve Dudley, Chief Operations Officer at the British Ornithologists Union, about how to get started with your social media strategies, finding the promotional channels that work for your publications and how to effectively report on your outreach activities.

To see a complete list of our on-demand webinars visit our events page or if you’d like more info on Altmetric tools and data please get in touch with us at

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