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SciCombinator – new scientific paper aggregation and discussion site

Euan Adie, 15th October 2012


SciCombinator pulls together a list of the most talked about content from PubMed and allows you to browse or comment on it. It is, in a word, awesome.

SciCombinator is a scientific news aggregation and discussion site. We collate, score and rank scientific articles based on their Altmetric score and other metadata to bring you the most talked about articles.

Impressively it was built in a single weekend by a group of Nature Publishing Group developers, as part of the Rails Rumble contest (if you like it you should go vote for them there), using the free Altmetric API amongst other things.

Some interesting comments on the Hacker News thread about it, if you’re interested in this type of app from a developer or product manager perspective.

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