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Which papers got the most attention online this year?

Cat Williams, 12th December 2017

Once again we find ourselves just a few weeks away from the holidays and diving in to the most popular articles from the year in the annual Altmetric Top 100!

The list showcases research that has really caught the attention of a broader audience in the last 12 months, and this year reveals some very topical conversations.

Much of the most discussed research speaks to the broader social zeitgeist: tackling gender stereotypes, the stigmas around mental illness, robots taking our jobs and the effects of climate change are all covered.

The top 3 papers of 2017 are:

As in previous years, medical and public health issues have drawn the highest levels of attention. In addition to the top three articles, which all looked at aspects of health directly relevant to a broad population, over half the articles in the top 100 focused on medicine and health, and many of those examined the health implications of different foods and drinks, such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate and artificial sweeteners. We really want to know what is good for us!

Want to explore further? You can view the full list here and listen to the podcast here!

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