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Announcing a new CC-BY licensed altmetrics resource, What Are Altmetrics?

Stacy Konkiel, 16th August 2016

I’m proud to share a new altmetrics educational website: What Are Altmetrics?

The best part? You can reuse, remix, or otherwise repurpose the entire site to build your own altmetrics presentations, Libguides, and more. We’ve made it available under a CC-BY license, so it’s super easy for you to adapt!

Speaking of CC-BY, the What Are Altmetrics? guide to “all things altmetrics” builds upon the popular altmetrics Libguides I developed while at Impactstory, updating the existing resources and adding a whole lot more.

What Are Altmetrics? includes:

  • An updated list of examples of how researchers, librarians, publishers, and funding agencies are using altmetrics;
  • Expert recommendations for the responsible use of altmetrics in CVs, grant applications, and tenure dossiers;
  • A curated list of 40+ handouts, presentations, videos, Libguides, and readings that you can use as a starting point for developing your own outreach efforts; and
  • Information on how to find altmetrics data, using the most popular altmetrics apps.

Check it out!

I’ve striven to make the What Are Altmetrics? guide a comprehensive, objective source of information for anyone who’s new to the field and wants to learn more. We’ll continue to improve the site over time–if you have suggestions for resources, edits, or any other additions, please email me at

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