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What marketing insights can altmetrics data and tools provide book publishers?

Sarah Condon, 11th March 2020

Book publishers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to engaging with authors; commissioning must-read content, finding new authors to work with as well as encouraging authors to publish again. Altmetric data makes the perfect companion to existing data for books allowing book publishers, and their authors, to understand the big picture of the impact a book is having.  

In a recent Altmetric webinar, author David Giannetto and Digital Science’s Sara Grimme discussed how publishers help their authors to promote their titles and connect with the media . In a world where attracting potential authors is getting increasingly difficult David highlighted the tools that he thinks are essential for publishers to provide authors so that they can promote their books to the widest audience and drive sales. 

With the demands on academics increasing, publishers need to show that they can showcase the author’s work to the widest possible community in order to attract new authors. By using Altmetric data, publishers can showcase the strength of their publishing capabilities by demonstrating the reach that their titles can have.

These, and other topics, were discussed in depth in the conversation that took place:


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