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International Student Connectedness and Identity

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Student Mobility, Connectedness and Identity
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    Chapter 2 International Students and Post-study Employment: The Impact of University and Host Community Engagement on the Employment Outcomes of International Students in Australia
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    Chapter 3 International Student Connectedness with Local Teachers and Peers: Insights from Teachers
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    Chapter 4 Exploring the Lifeworld of International Doctoral Students: The Place of Religion and Religious Organisations
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    Chapter 5 From ‘Somebody’ to ‘Nobody’: International Doctoral Students’ Perspectives of Home–Host Connectedness
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    Chapter 6 Disconnections with the Host Nation and the Significance of International Student Communities: A Case Study of Asian International Students in Australia and Singapore
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    Chapter 7 ‘So That She Feels a Part of My Life’: How International Students Connect to Home Through Digital Media Technologies
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    Chapter 8 Visualising Returnee Re-engagement with Local Workplaces and Community: A Case Study of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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    Chapter 9 ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’: The Experiences of Expatriate PhD Students and Returnees
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    Chapter 10 Where Are We, When Are We, and Who Are We to Each Other? Connectedness and the Evolving Meanings of International Education
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    Chapter 11 International Students’ Disconnecting from and Reconnecting with Diverse Communities: Fluidity of the Self in Sojourns Abroad
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    Chapter 12 Self-in-the-World Identities : Transformations for the Sojourning Student
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    Chapter 13 Flexible Citizens or Disconnected Transmigrants? Chinese Student-Turned-Migrants in Singapore and Their Discourse on Mobility , Flexibility, and Identity
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    Chapter 14 Transnational Student-Migrants and the Negotiation of Connectedness and Self-Identity in Australia : The Pains and Gains
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    Chapter 15 Transnational Belonging and Relational Practices: Nepali Student Migration to Denmark
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    Chapter 16 International Student (Dis)Connectedness and Identities : Why These Matter and the Way Forward
Attention for Chapter 16: International Student (Dis)Connectedness and Identities : Why These Matter and the Way Forward
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