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Nazi Germany and Southern Europe, 1933–45

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 ‘The “invisible” export of thought’: German Science and Southern Europe, 1933–45
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    Chapter 2 Beyond Germanness? Music’s History as ‘Entangled History’ in German Musicology from the End of the Nineteenth Century to the Second World War
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    Chapter 3 Tourism as Networking for a Pan-fascist Mobilization before the Second World War
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    Chapter 4 Student and Scholar Mobility between Nazi Germany and Southern/Southeastern Europe
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    Chapter 5 International Contacts in the First Years of the Spanish CSIC, 1940–45
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    Chapter 6 The Role of Culture in German-Spanish Relations during National Socialism
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    Chapter 7 The Longing for a ‘Conservative Revolution’: German Influences over the Greek Inter-war Politicization of Technology and Science
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    Chapter 8 Portugal at the ‘Third Front’
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    Chapter 9 The Library of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Rom and Postwar Perceptions of German Scholarship
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    Chapter 10 Tracing Eugenics: German Influences on a Greek Background, c. 1930–45
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    Chapter 11 The Mild Eugenics Temptation in Portugal
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    Chapter 12 A ‘Fascist’ Colonialism? German National Socialist and Italian Fascist Colonial Cooperation, 1936–43
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    Chapter 13 Breaking Points of the ‘Axis’: Austrian Scholars, Politics, and Nazi Expansion to the South
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    Chapter 14 Planning a ‘Modern Colonization on European Soil’? German Scientific Travels and Expeditions to Greece during National Socialism
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    Chapter 15 Citizens of the Third Reich in the Tropics: German Scientific Expeditions to Brazil under the Vargas Regime, 1933–40
Attention for Chapter 5: International Contacts in the First Years of the Spanish CSIC, 1940–45
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