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Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Designing Sustainable Consumption and Production Systems in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Solid Waste Management
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    Chapter 2 Sustainable Campus Management at Freie Universität Berlin—Governance and Participation Matter
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    Chapter 3 Education for Sustainability: A Wisdom Model
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    Chapter 4 ecoGIS—A Solution for Interactive Facility Management to Support the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
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    Chapter 5 A Real-World Lab Approach to the Carbon Neutral Campus Transition: A Case Study
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    Chapter 6 Sustainable Academic Libraries: A Campus Partnership at Michigan State University
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    Chapter 7 Becoming Sustainable in Our Own Way: Sustainability at the Flagship Massachusetts Public University
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    Chapter 8 Identifying Relevant Versus Received Sustainability Education at Industrial Engineering and Management Programs
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    Chapter 9 Implementing Sustainability in the Classroom at Université Laval
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    Chapter 10 Environmental Dashboards: Fostering Pro-environmental and Pro-community Thought and Action Through Feedback
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    Chapter 11 The Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Nordic Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
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    Chapter 12 Energy Consumption in Student Hostels of Universiti Sains Malaysia: Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Awareness
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    Chapter 13 Resilience Thinking in Higher Education: Institutional Resilience as a Sustainability Goal
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    Chapter 14 The Campus as a Living Laboratory: Macalester College Case Study
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    Chapter 15 Sustainable Energy Campus: A Challenge on Smart Facilities and Operations
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    Chapter 16 Unipoli Green—Four Universities Working Together for Sustainability
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    Chapter 17 Prerequisites for the Sustainability of Municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul—Brazil: A Project to Foster Sustainable Development
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    Chapter 18 A Decade of Earth in the Mix: A Bibliometric Analysis of Emergent Scholarly Research on Sustainability Education and Ecopsychology in Higher Education
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    Chapter 19 Creating a Sustainable Campus from the Ground up
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    Chapter 20 Sustainability Champions: Role Models in Sustainability Graduate Education
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    Chapter 21 Renewable Distributed Generation and Its Stakeholders’ Engagement Contributing to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Brazil Unisul—Universidade Do Sul de Santa Catarina, Brazil
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    Chapter 22 A Holistic View for Integrating Sustainability Education for the Built Environment Professions in Indonesia
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    Chapter 23 The Sustainability Journey of USM: Solution Oriented Campus Ecosphere for Vitalising Higher Education Action on GAP
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    Chapter 24 Working for Sustainability Transformation in an Academic Environment: The Case of itdUPM
Attention for Chapter 19: Creating a Sustainable Campus from the Ground up
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