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Osseous Projectile Weaponry

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Late Pleistocene Osseous Projectile Technology and Cultural Variability
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    Chapter 2 Osseous Projectile Weaponry from Early to Late Middle Stone Age Africa
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    Chapter 3 Bone Point Functional Diversity: A Cautionary Tale from Southern Africa
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    Chapter 4 Early Upper Paleolithic Osseous Points from Croatia
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    Chapter 5 Spanish Aurignacian Projectile Points: An Example of the First European Paleolithic Hunting Weapons in Osseous Materials
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    Chapter 6 Projectile Weaponry from the Aurignacian to the Gravettian of the Swabian Jura (Southwest Germany): Raw Materials, Manufacturing and Typology
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    Chapter 7 Gravettian Projectile Points: Considerations About the Evolution of Osseous Hunting Weapons in France
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    Chapter 8 Upper Paleolithic Bone and Antler Projectiles in the Spanish Mediterranean Region: The Magdalenian Period
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    Chapter 9 A Review of the Osseous Projectile Points from the Upper Paleolithic of Portugal
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    Chapter 10 Diversity and Evolution of Osseous Hunting Equipment During the Magdalenian (21,000–14,000 cal BP)
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    Chapter 11 Osseous Projectile Points in the Magdalenian: ‘True’ Points Versus Pointed Waste-Products
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    Chapter 12 Bone Technology from Late Pleistocene Caves and Rockshelters of Sri Lanka
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    Chapter 13 The Walandawe Tradition from Southeast Sulawesi and Osseous Artifact Traditions in Island Southeast Asia
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    Chapter 14 Bone Projectile Points in Prehistoric Australia: Evidence from Archaeologically Recovered Implements, Ethnography, and Rock Art
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    Chapter 15 A Review of Late Pleistocene North American Bone and Ivory Tools
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    Chapter 16 Hunter-Gatherers of the Old and New Worlds: Morphological and Functional Comparisons of Osseous Projectile Points
Attention for Chapter 1: Late Pleistocene Osseous Projectile Technology and Cultural Variability
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