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Travelling Concepts

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Travelling Concepts: Negotiating Diversity in Canada and Europe
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    Chapter 2 L’accommodement raisonnable dans le contexte légal canadien: mécanisme de gestion de la diversité ou source de tensions
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    Chapter 3 Reasoning about “Reasonable Accommodation”: Charles Taylor on Negotiating Diversity in Canada and Quebec
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    Chapter 4 “At the Mercy of a Putative Majority:” Difference as a ‘Problem’ in Canadian Political Theory
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    Chapter 5 Multiculturalism and Colonial Continuity: The Function of Disgust in the Politics of Recognition
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    Chapter 6 Defining the Quebec Nation: Ten Years of Debates and an Emerging Consensus
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    Chapter 7 Negotiating Diversity and Diaspora: Planting Chava Rosenfarb’s Tree of Life in a Canadian Context
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    Chapter 8 Labour Asian Can: Grammar, Movement and the Institution
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    Chapter 9 Multiculturalism and Integration: Lessons to Be Learnt from Cases of Canada and Europe
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    Chapter 10 Multinational Pluralism – Rethinking Multiculturalism as an Approach to Diversity and Cultural Difference
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    Chapter 11 New Lessons for (and from) the Old World: A study of the politicisation of regional identity in Nova Scotia & North East England
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    Chapter 12 Rediscovering Migration and Cultural Interaction in the ‘Old World’: Canadian Research Approaches Reach Europe
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    Chapter 13 Towards diversity within ethnic majorities: Deconstructing the ‘Anglo-Celt’
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    Chapter 14 The Worried Global Public and New Citizenship Practices in an Unheroic Age
Attention for Chapter 5: Multiculturalism and Colonial Continuity: The Function of Disgust in the Politics of Recognition
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