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A Multi-Industrial Linkages Approach to Cluster Building in East Asia

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Basic Concept and Summary
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    Chapter 2 Agriculture-Food-Tourism Industry Clusters in China
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    Chapter 3 The Agriculture-Food-Tourism Industry Cluster in the Republic of Korea: The Formation and Growth Factors of Clusters in Regional Agriculture
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    Chapter 4 The Agriculture-Food-Tourism Industry Cluster in Japan: Case Studies of Tourism Industry Clustering in Okinawa and Aichi
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    Chapter 5 The Agriculture-Food-Tourism Industry Cluster in Okinawa, Japan: The Key Role of an Airport in Clustering
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    Chapter 6 Tourism Development in Cambodia: An Analysis of Factors in the Creation of Local Specialties
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    Chapter 7 The Collocation of Industries in Agriculture-Food-Tourism in Vietnam
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    Chapter 8 An Application of the Levels of Organization in Biology to Process Formation in an Industrial Cluster: The Economies of Sequence
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    Chapter 9 Railway-Led Formation of the Agriculture-Food-Tourism Industry Cluster: Escaping the Middle-Income Trap
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    Chapter 10 Quantitative Analyses of the Economies of Sequence: The Impact of New Airport Construction on Tourism Industry Growth—A Case Study of Hong Kong and Singapore
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    Chapter 11 An Application of the Flowchart Approach to the Agro-Food-Processing Industry Cluster in East Asia: The Case of the Nacala Corridor Region in Mozambique
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    Chapter 12 A Comparison of the Information Technology Industry Cluster with the Agro-Food Industry Cluster from the Perspective of the Economies of Sequence
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    Chapter 13 Appendix: Introduction to an Application of Biology to the Formation of Segments in an Industrial Cluster
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