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Regional Upgrading in Southern Europe

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Regional Upgrading in Southern Europe: A General Framework
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    Chapter 2 Southern Europe at a Glance: Regional Disparities and Human Capital
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    Chapter 3 The Role of Functions in Economic Underperformance of Southern European Regions
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    Chapter 4 Do Southern European Regions Really Lag Behind in Their Innovation Trends?
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    Chapter 5 Regional Development and Structural Change: The Productivity Paradox of Spanish Peripheral Regions
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    Chapter 6 Patterns of Foreign Direct Investment in Southern European Periphery
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    Chapter 7 Regional Economic Development, Human Capital and Transport Infrastructure in Greece: The Role of Geography
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    Chapter 8 Globalisation, Delocalisation and Development: Conceptual Framework and Impacts on Southern European Countries
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    Chapter 9 The Impact of Regional and National Policies in the Development of the Italian Mezzogiorno
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    Chapter 10 The Role of Education in Regional Labour Markets: Evidence from Two Fragile Economies
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    Chapter 11 Human Capital Formation and the Missing Regional Upgrading in the EU Periphery: The Role of Migration and Education-Job Mismatch
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    Chapter 12 Ageing and Migration: Some Reflexions on the Effects of the Economic and Financial Crisis on Demographic Trends in Portuguese Regions
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    Chapter 13 Involving Universities in Regional Upgrading in the Periphery: Lessons from Northern Europe
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    Chapter 14 Higher Education, Human Capital, and Regional Dynamics in Southern Europe
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    Chapter 15 Implications for European Economic Integration After the Brexit
Attention for Chapter 4: Do Southern European Regions Really Lag Behind in Their Innovation Trends?
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