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HCI International 2017 – Posters' Extended Abstracts

Overview of attention for book
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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Developing and Evaluating a Thai Website Accessibility Checker
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    Chapter 2 Usability Tool to Support the Development Process of e-Commerce Website
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    Chapter 3 Assessing Personality Differences in Human-Technology Interaction: An Overview of Key Self-report Scales to Predict Successful Interaction
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    Chapter 4 Exploring the Building Blocks of Personas for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
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    Chapter 5 Mass Customized Knowledge Management: A Project for Adequate and Dynamic Knowledge Transfer for Small and Medium Enterprises
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    Chapter 6 Design for Inclusion. From Teaching Experiences to Social Changes
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    Chapter 7 Usability Methods and Evaluation Criteria for Published Clinical Guidelines on the Web: A Systematic Literature Review
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    Chapter 8 The Assessment Tool for User Perceived Interactivity from ACG Website Interactivity on Imagination
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    Chapter 9 From Spectator to Co-creator for Hybrid Social Space: A New Taxonomy for Participatory Social Interaction and Co-creation
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    Chapter 10 Understanding Game Design for the Development of a Game Environment
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    Chapter 11 Communication Model of Web Accessibility
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    Chapter 12 A Study of the Team Management in Design Organizations
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    Chapter 13 Japanese Sign Language Recognition Based on Three Elements of Sign Using Kinect v2 Sensor
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    Chapter 14 Immersive 3D Environment for Data Centre Monitoring Based on Gesture Based Interaction
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    Chapter 15 Interactive Evolutionary Computation Using Multiple Users’ Gaze Information
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    Chapter 16 Effects of Electrode Configuration on Pattern Recognition Based Finger Movement Classification
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    Chapter 17 Prompting – A Feature of General Relevance in HCI-Supported Task Workflows
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    Chapter 18 Interaction with Three Dimensional Objects on Diverse Input and Output Devices: A Survey
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    Chapter 19 Use of Vibration for Touch Pen to Provide the Feel of Writing on Paper
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    Chapter 20 Enhancement of ANN-Based Offline Hand Written Character Recognition Using Gradient and Geometric Feature Extraction Techniques
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    Chapter 21 Shortening Selection Time Using Plural Cursor in Multi-display Environment and Its Preliminary Evaluation
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    Chapter 22 Creating a Playful Digital Catalogue System Using Technology-Enhanced Physical Objects
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    Chapter 23 Automatic Classification of Eye Blinks and Eye Movements for an Input Interface Using Eye Motion
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    Chapter 24 A Study on Characteristics of Hand Gesture Pointing Operation Versus Mouse Pointing Operation
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    Chapter 25 A Pen Gesture-Based Editing System for Online Handwritten Objects on a Pen Computer
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    Chapter 26 AnywhereTouch: Finger Tracking Method on Arbitrary Surface Using Nailed-Mounted IMU for Mobile HMD
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    Chapter 27 Vibration Ring Device Which Supports Deaf Students to Learn How to Use Illustrator
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    Chapter 28 Creating a Gesture-Speech Dataset for Speech-Based Automatic Gesture Generation
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    Chapter 29 Driver’s Modeling with System Identification Algorithm to Aim Reducing Drowsiness
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    Chapter 30 Wearables and User Interface Design: Impacts on Belief in Free Will
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    Chapter 31 Stress Measurement and Inducement in Experiments with Low Cost Flight Simulator for Testing of General Aviation Pilots
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    Chapter 32 A Portable and User Friendly REM Sleep Detection System Based on Differential Movement of Eyeball Using Optical Sensors
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    Chapter 33 Psychophysiological and Intraoperative AEPs and SEPs Monitoring for Perception, Attention and Cognition
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    Chapter 34 Development of Device for Measurement of Skin Potential by Grasping of the Device
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    Chapter 35 Evaluating NeuroSky’s Single-Channel EEG Sensor for Drowsiness Detection
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    Chapter 36 Neurophysiological Indices of Human Social Interactions Between Humans and Robots
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    Chapter 37 Study on the Influence of Drivers’ Physiological Characteristics of Urban Bus Stop
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    Chapter 38 A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Auditory Working Memory Load
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    Chapter 39 Analysis of Paradoxical Phenomenon Caused by Presenting Thermal Stimulation on Three Spots
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    Chapter 40 Gaze Behavior and Emotion of Crane Operators for Different Visual Support System
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    Chapter 41 A Study on the Differences Among M3D, S3D and HMD for Students with Different Degrees of Spatial Ability in Design Education
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    Chapter 42 Mirrored Perception Cognition Action Model in an Interactive Surgery Assist System
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    Chapter 43 Research on Human Acceptability of Household Environment Temperature Fluctuation
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    Chapter 44 Continuous Affect Rating in Cartesian Space of Pleasure and Arousal Scale by Joystick Without Visual Feedback
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    Chapter 45 Attention Value of Motion Graphics on Digital Signages
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    Chapter 46 Towards a Cognitive Agility Index: The Role of Metacognition in Human Computer Interaction
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    Chapter 47 A Practice for the Certification of Minimum Flight Crew Workload
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    Chapter 48 Investigation of Facial Region Extraction Algorithm Focusing on Temperature Distribution Characteristics of Facial Thermal Images
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    Chapter 49 Change in Subjective Evaluation of Weight by the Proteus Effect
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    Chapter 50 Making Implicit Knowledge Explicit – Acquisition of Plant Staff’s Mental Models as a Basis for Developing a Decision Support System
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    Chapter 51 Eye Contact Detection via Deep Neural Networks
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    Chapter 52 Let Our Mind Wander: Employing IT-Induced Incubations to Enhance Creativity
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    Chapter 53 Guiding Visual Attention Based on Visual Saliency Map with Projector-Camera System
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    Chapter 54 Detection System of Unsafe Driving Behavior Significant for Cognitive Dysfunction Patients
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    Chapter 55 Measurement of Eyeblink Frequency Variation for Cognitive Dysfunction Patients’ Safe Driving Skill Evaluation
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    Chapter 56 Experimental Research on the Armored Crew’s Depth Perception
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    Chapter 57 Instructional Information System for the Introduction of Data Journalism Techniques Based on User Centered Design Methodology
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    Chapter 58 Implicit Evaluation of User’s Expertise in Scientific Domains
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    Chapter 59 Breaking News Commentary: Users’ Reactions to Terrorist Attacks in English-Speaking Twittersphere
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    Chapter 60 Does Negative News Travel Fast? Exploring the Effect of News Sentiment on Interactive Spiral
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    Chapter 61 Analyzing Users’ Search Patterns to Explore Topic Knowledge from Aggregated Search Results
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    Chapter 62 Chat Support System to Recall Past Conversational Topics Using Tags
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    Chapter 63 Collection of Example Sentences for Non-task-Oriented Dialog Using a Spoken Dialog System and Comparison with Hand-Crafted DB
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    Chapter 64 Combining Sentimental and Content Analysis for Recognizing and Interpreting Human Affects
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    Chapter 65 Emotional Computing and Discourse Analysis: A Case Study About Brexit in Twitter
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    Chapter 66 Automatic Quantification of the Veracity of Suicidal Ideation in Counseling Transcripts
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    Chapter 67 End-to-End Dialogue with Sentiment Analysis Features
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    Chapter 68 Avatar Life-Review: Seniors Reminiscing Through Virtual Bodies
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    Chapter 69 HCI Research and History: Special Interests Groups on Facebook as Historical Sources
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    Chapter 70 Beyond Retail Therapy: Can the Relationship Between Affective Data & Consumer Behavior Be Utilized to Develop User-Directed E-Commerce Personalization?
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    Chapter 71 Intuitive Real-Time Multidimensional Diagnostic Ultrasound Image Optimization Technology
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    Chapter 72 An Analysis and Evaluation Procedure in Civil Aircraft Flight Deck Design
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    Chapter 73 Investigation on Driving Habits of Chinese Truck Driver
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    Chapter 74 Formulation of Diagnostic Expertise in Oral Health Care and Its Application to Clinical Education
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    Chapter 75 Assessment of the Working Chair Using Affects the Whole Service Process in B Ultrasonic Examination
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    Chapter 76 Finding 3D CAD Data Production Methods that Work for People with Visual Impairments
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    Chapter 77 Evaluating 360-Virtual Reality for Mining Industry’s Safety Training
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    Chapter 78 Hearing Finds and Posture in Workers of the Improvement of the Manioc in Sergipe State, Brazil
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    Chapter 79 Single Trial Analysis of Body Sway Caused by Several Matrix-Shaped Tactile Stimuli on Body Trunk
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    Chapter 80 Formalization Modeling of Maintenance Based on Agent
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    Chapter 81 Outside the Virtual Screen: A Tangible Character for Computer Break
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    Chapter 82 Ambidexterity in Mobile Collaboration: Balancing Task- and Socialization-Oriented Communication in Team Member Interaction
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HCI International 2017 – Posters' Extended Abstracts
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