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Creative Industries in Europe

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction – Creative Industries in Europe: Drivers of (New) Sectoral and Spatial Dynamics
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    Chapter 2 Specialisation as a Driver of the Development Dynamics of Creative Cities and City Regions
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    Chapter 3 From Global to Local Creative Dynamics: The Location Patterns of Art Galleries
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    Chapter 4 Innovation Dynamic in the Film Industry: The Case of the Soho Cluster in London
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    Chapter 5 Understanding the Role of Professional Organisations in Supporting the Development of the Creative Industries at the Local and Global Levels: Paris as the Global Node for the Fashion Industry (1973–2011)
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    Chapter 6 Making Your Career in Creative Industries: The Paradox Between Individual Professionalization and Dependence on Social Contexts and Professional Scenes
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    Chapter 7 Multiple Endeavours Towards New Patterns of Economic Growth: The Case of Creative and Knowledge Industries in Spain
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    Chapter 8 Creative Industries in the Polish Economy: Growth and Operating Conditions
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    Chapter 9 The Contribution of the Creative Industries to the Development of the Romanian Economy and Their Resilience to Crisis
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    Chapter 10 Post-Crisis Spatial Development of Creative Industries: Evidence from Czechia
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    Chapter 11 Creativity at the European Periphery: Spatial Distribution and Developmental Implications in the Ljubljana Region
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    Chapter 12 Conclusion
Attention for Chapter 1: Introduction – Creative Industries in Europe: Drivers of (New) Sectoral and Spatial Dynamics
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