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Hybrid Metaheuristics

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A CP/LNS Approach for Multi-day Homecare Scheduling Problems
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    Chapter 2 A Hybrid Metaheuristic to Solve the Resource Allocation Problem in Bike Sharing Systems
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    Chapter 3 Algorithm Comparison by Automatically Configurable Stochastic Local Search Frameworks: A Case Study Using Flow-Shop Scheduling Problems
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    Chapter 4 A Local Search Approach for Binary Programming: Feasibility Search
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    Chapter 5 A Partition-Based Heuristic for the Steiner Tree Problem in Large Graphs
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    Chapter 6 A Path-Generation Matheuristic for Large Scale Evacuation Planning
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    Chapter 7 A Variable Neighborhood Search Using Very Large Neighborhood Structures for the 3-Staged 2-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
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    Chapter 8 Cooperative Parallel Decomposition Guided VNS for Solving Weighted CSP
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    Chapter 9 Hybrid Metaheuristics
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    Chapter 10 Hybrids of Integer Programming and ACO for Resource Constrained Job Scheduling
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    Chapter 11 Iterative Probabilistic Tree Search for the Minimum Common String Partition Problem
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    Chapter 12 JAM: A Tabu-Based Two-Stage Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Multidimensional Arrangement Problem
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    Chapter 13 Online Performance Measures for Metaheuristic Optimization
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    Chapter 14 Speeding Up Logic-Based Benders’ Decomposition by a Metaheuristic for a Bi-Level Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
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