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Multiple Representations in Physics Education

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Multiple Representations in Physics and Science Education – Why Should We Use Them?
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    Chapter 2 Teaching and Learning Representations in Upper Secondary Physics
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    Chapter 3 Integrating Computational Artifacts into the Multi-representational Toolkit of Physics Education
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    Chapter 4 Evaluating Multiple Analogical Representations from Students’ Perceptions
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    Chapter 5 Social Semiotics in University Physics Education
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    Chapter 6 Learning Optics with Multiple Representations: Not as Simple as Expected
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    Chapter 7 Enacting a Representation Construction Approach to Teaching and Learning Astronomy
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    Chapter 8 Learning About Forces Using Multiple Representations
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    Chapter 9 The Conceptual Elements of Multiple Representations: A Study of Textbooks’ Representations of Electric Current
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    Chapter 10 Representational Competence, Understanding of Experiments, Phenomena and Basic Concepts in Geometrical Optics: A Representational Approach
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    Chapter 11 Understanding and Promoting Effective Use of Representations in Physics Learning
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    Chapter 12 The Role of Representations in Students’ Explanations of Four Phenomena in Physics: Dynamics, Thermal Physics, Electromagnetic Induction and Superposition
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    Chapter 13 Cross Referencing to Co-construct Knowledge About Global Heat Transfer in an Online Learning Environment: Learning with Multiple Visualizations
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