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Dream Consciousness

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Lecture I: Psychology
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    Chapter 3 Lecture II: Physiology
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    Chapter 4 Lecture III: Philosophy
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    Chapter 5 Do You Still Hold to an Activation Only Theory of the REM Sleep-Dreaming Correlation?
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    Chapter 6 What Is the Most Promising Avenue to New Understanding of the Sleep-Learning Process?
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    Chapter 7 Are You Convinced That Dreaming Is A Conscious State?
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    Chapter 8 Your PET Studies Demonstrate Major Differences Between REM Sleep and Waking. How Do You Conceive of These Differences in Relation to Theories of Waking and Dreaming Consciousness?
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    Chapter 9 How Does Your Formulation of Lesion-Induced States of Diminished Consciousness Fit with AIM? Do You Suppose That Brain Stem Damage Affects Activation (A) and Modulation (M)?
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    Chapter 10 Does Your “Feeling of What Happens” Definition of Consciousness Extend to Dreaming? If So, How Do You Conceptualize Internally Generated FWHs?
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    Chapter 11 What Is Dreaming for, If Anything?
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    Chapter 12 Your Interest in Sleep and Memory Posits a Semantic Learning Function to NREM Sleep. What Are Your Views of Associative Memory Enhancement by REM?
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    Chapter 13 Your Imaging Group Has Coined the Term ‘Dream Imaging.’ Please Summarize the Concept in Relation to Dream Theory
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    Chapter 14 Do You Think That Scientific Psychology Has a Place for the Study of Dreaming? In Other Words, Do You Accept Introspection as Scientifically Useful?
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    Chapter 15 What Does Your Theory of Hallucinosis Make of Dream Experience? Do Both Reveal the Operation of Internal Image Generator Mechanisms in the Brain?
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    Chapter 16 Please Comment on the Predictive Tenet of the Protoconsciousness Hypothesis. Is This Idea Consistent with the Helmholtzian Model of Free Energy That You Are Developing?
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    Chapter 17 Dream Consciousness
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    Chapter 18 How Does the New Protoconsciousness Hypothesis Fit with Your Own Concept of the Cognitive Unconscious?
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    Chapter 19 Does Morrisson’s PGO Wave/Startle Hypothesis Help Us Explain Such Robust Dream Features as Surprise and Scene Shift?
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    Chapter 20 Emotion Appears To Be Generated in REM Sleep in the Absence of Sensory Input. How Does This Finding Fit with Your Stimulus-Response Model of Emotion?
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    Chapter 21 Do You Still Maintain That the Only Significant Difference Between Waking and REM Sleep-Dreaming Is Due to the Subtraction of Sensory Input in REM? What Is Your View of the Aminergic Demodulation Hypothesis That Derives from AIM?
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    Chapter 22 What Is the Specific Significance of Dream Research for Philosophy of Mind?
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    Chapter 23 How Does the Dream Consciousness/Protoconsciousness Concept Resonate with Linguistic Ideas and the Hypothesis of a Universal Grammar?
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    Chapter 24 You Have Interpreted the PGO Waves of REM Sleep as Activation of the Startle Network of the Brain. What Is Your Theory of the Function of Off-Line Startle and What Impact, If Any, Does This Activation Have Upon Dreaming?
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    Chapter 25 What Is the Current Status of Your “Covert REM Process” Theory, Especially in the Light of the New Protoconsciousness Hypothesis?
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    Chapter 26 How Does the Theory and Data Discussed in the Lectures Fit with Your Work on Dreams?
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    Chapter 27 How Does Protoconsciousness Theory Mesh with Your Model of Dream Emotion?
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    Chapter 28 Do You Suppose That, in Addition to the Sensorimotor Isolation of REM, There Is Impairment of Intrinsic Attentional Processes That We Experience as an Inability to Observe and Think in Our Dreams?
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    Chapter 29 Does Your “Single-Minded” Characterization of Dreaming Now Find Confirmation and Explanation in the Lucid Dreaming Data?
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    Chapter 30 The Idea, Championed by Your Group, That Dreaming Functions as Threat Avoidance Would Seem to Be Quite Compatible with Protoconsciousness Theory. But Is It Really Dreaming (as Against REM) That Performs That Function? In Other Words, Are You a Dualist or a Neutral Monist?
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    Chapter 31 What Are the Clinical Implications of Protoconsciousness Theory for the Conceptualization of Those Psychiatric Disorders Commonly Referred to as Mental Illnesses?
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    Chapter 32 You Emphasize the Continuity Between Waking and Dreaming. But What About Continuity in the Other Direction, i.e. Between Dreaming and Waking? And What About Discontinuity? Do You Deny Its Existence?
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    Chapter 33 How Does the Finding of a Correlation Between the Three Conscious States (REM Dream, Lucid Dream, and Waking) and 40 Hz Power Fit with Your Suggestion That 40 Hz Is a Substrate of Consciousness?
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    Chapter 34 Do You Agree That Freud’s Dream Theory Was Erroneous with Respect to (1) The Genesis of Dreaming (Release of Repressed Infantile Wishes) and (2) The Bizarreness of Dreams (Disguise and Censorship of Unacceptable Wishes)?
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    Chapter 35 The Term “Hypnosis” Suggests a Sleep-Like State and Recent Evidence Regarding Lucid Dreaming Bears on the Notion of a “Hidden Observer.” What Is Your View of the Analogy of Dreaming and Hypnosis?
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    Chapter 36 How Does Your PHI Formula Deal with the Evidence that Consciousness Is State Dependent? More Specifically, if PHI Were Higher in REM Sleep Than in Waking, Would You Conclude That Dreaming Was More Conscious Even Than Waking?
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    Chapter 37 From Your Point of View as a Clinical and Health Psychologist, What Is Your Reaction to the Hypothesis of a Virtual Reality Program for the Brain?
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    Chapter 38 Please Summarize Your Findings on the Dream Representation of Disability in Your Studies of Handicapped People. What Bearing Do These Data Have on Protoconsciousness Theory?
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    Chapter 39 You Have Made Blind Sight a Valid Phenomenon. What Is Your Position About Dream Vision? Is That Not Evidence for Internal Visual Image Generation by the Brain? Do You Suppose That Such Image Production Could Occur in Blind Subjects?
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    Chapter 40 How Can the Protoconsciousness Hypothesis Contribute to Philosophical Theories of Consciousness and the Self?
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    Chapter 41 How Does the Formal Approach to Mind Taken by Protoconsciousness Science Compare with the Formal Approach to Works of Art That You Espouse?
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    Chapter 42 Lecture I: Psychology
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    Chapter 43 Lecture II: Physiology
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    Chapter 44 Lecture III: Philosophy
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Dream Consciousness
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