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Relational Planning

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: An Invitation to Inquire the Relations Inside Planning
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    Chapter 2 Analysing Urban Government at a Distance: With and Beyond Actor-Network Theory
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    Chapter 3 Artefacts, the Gaze and Sensory Experience: Mediating Local Environments in the Planning Regulation of Major Renewable Energy Infrastructure in England and Wales
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    Chapter 4 Politics of Zoning: Plans, Procedures and Publics in Land-Use Change
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    Chapter 5 Can the Craft of Planning Be Ecologized? (And Why the Answer to That Question Doesn’t Include ‘Ecosystem Services’)
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    Chapter 6 Constructing the Urban Citizen: How Public Knowledge Is Translated into Urban Planning Processes
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    Chapter 7 Tracing the Democratic Deficit: An Actor-Network Theory Approach to an Urban Governance Network in Madrid
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    Chapter 8 Master Plans as Cosmograms: Articulating Oceanic Forces and Urban Forms After the 2010 Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile
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    Chapter 9 Re-Assembling a City: Applying SCOT to Post-Disaster Urban Change
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    Chapter 10 Performing Urbanity: An Inquiry into the Modes of Knowing the City
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    Chapter 11 Planning Ecologies Planning, ecological Issues Issue publics Issue publics, urban Trajectories : Issue Publics and the Reassembling of Urban Green Trajectories
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    Chapter 12 Saving Schools: Vacancy, Ruin, and Adaptive Reuse in Detroit
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    Chapter 13 Afterword: Planning and the Non-modern City
Attention for Chapter 10: Performing Urbanity: An Inquiry into the Modes of Knowing the City
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