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African Foreign Policies in International Institutions

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 An Ambivalence to the Norm Cycle: The African Union’s “New” Approach to Continental Peace and Security
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    Chapter 3 The AU and Continental Foreign Economic Policymaking in Africa: Institutions and Dialectics on Integration in the Global Economy
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    Chapter 4 The Troubled Socialising Agent: Democratic Governance and the African Union’s Quest to Become an Independent Foreign Policy Actor
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    Chapter 5 Beyond the Collective: The Comparative Strategic Utility of the African Union and RECs in Individual National Security Pursuits
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    Chapter 6 The Role of African Regional Organizations in Post-Election Governments of National Unity
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    Chapter 7 Nationalism Underpinned by Pan-Regionalism: African Foreign Policies in ECOWAS in An Era of Anti-Globalization
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    Chapter 8 The Intergovernmental Authority on Development: Internal Culture of Foreign Policymaking and Sources of Weaknesses
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    Chapter 9 The Uses (and Abuses) of the Economic Community of Central African States: The Hidden Functions of Regional Economic Community Membership for African Regimes
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    Chapter 10 The Instrumentalisation of SADC to Achieve Foreign Policy Agendas
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    Chapter 11 Partnering for Peace: United Nations and African Union Cooperation in Peace and Security
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    Chapter 12 African Agency and the World Bank in the Twenty-First Century
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    Chapter 13 South Africa’s Foreign Policy and the International Criminal Court: Of African Lessons, Security Council Reform, and Possibilities for an Improved ICC
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    Chapter 14 The International Labor Organization and African States: Internationalizing States and Dispersed Foreign Policy
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    Chapter 15 Global Humanitarian Organizations and African Goals: The Case of Médecins Sans Frontières in South Africa
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    Chapter 16 Consistency in Inconsistency: South Africa’s Foreign Policies in International Organizations
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    Chapter 17 Leverage in a Tight Space: Zimbabwean Foreign Policy in International Organizations
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    Chapter 18 Angola’s Measured Distance from International Organizations
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    Chapter 19 Decolonizing International Relations: Insights from the International Financial Institutions in the Congo During the Cold War
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    Chapter 20 Nigeria’s Foreign Policy in Relation to the Economic Community of West African States
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    Chapter 21 Senegalese Foreign Policy: Leadership Through Soft Power from Senghor to Sall
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    Chapter 22 International Organizations as Shields in Cameroonian Foreign Policy
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    Chapter 23 Regional Powers, Great Power Allies, and International Institutions: The Case of Ethiopia
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    Chapter 24 Djibouti’s Foreign Policy in International Institutions: The Big Diplomacy of a Small State
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    Chapter 25 Conclusion
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