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History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Would-be Guardians of Memory: An Association of Camp Inmates of the 1992–95 Bosnian War under Ethnographic Scrutiny
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    Chapter 3 The Russian Orthodox Church and Reconciliation with the Soviet Past
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    Chapter 4 ‘You Still Live Far from the Motherland, but You Are Her Son, Her Daughter.’ War Memory and Soviet Mental Space (1945–2011)
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    Chapter 5 Pilgrimages to the Edge of the Fallen Empire — An Anthropological Study of Finnish and Hungarian Pilgrimages to Second World War Memorials in Post-Soviet Russia
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    Chapter 6 Memory at the Margins: The Shoah in Ukraine (1991–2011)
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    Chapter 7 The Elites’ Games in the Field of Memory: Insights from Lithuania
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    Chapter 8 The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Identity Strategies in Belarus
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    Chapter 9 Dealing with the Past in Central and Southern European Democracies: Comparing Spain and Poland
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    Chapter 10 Institutions of National Memory in Post-Communist Europe: From Transitional Justice to Political Uses of Biographies (1989–2010)
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    Chapter 11 Memory Wars and Reconciliation in the Ukrainian–Polish Borderlands: Geopolitics of Memory from a Local Perspective
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    Chapter 12 Memory of the Soviet Union and European Norms on Diversity as Rival Frameworks for Ethnic Boundary Making: A Case Study in Latvia’s Russian-speaking Schools
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    Chapter 13 Symbolic Policies versus European Reconciliation: The Hungarian ‘Status Law’
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    Chapter 14 The Rejection of International Criminal Law in West Germany after the Second World War
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    Chapter 15 History as a Tool for Foreign Policy in the Baltic States after Independence
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    Chapter 16 Conclusion
Attention for Chapter 4: ‘You Still Live Far from the Motherland, but You Are Her Son, Her Daughter.’ War Memory and Soviet Mental Space (1945–2011)
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